I know! You’re thinking — “BOOOOORING! I don’t have time!”. If you’re saying that, you haven’t tried these 3 simple and powerful FIVE minute meditations on my blog: a) b) c) Meditation brings you to alpha or theta states of mind when your connection to the subconscious, or even superconscious mind is very powerful.


A quick way to go to alpha is by closing your eyes and looking up and forward about 45 degrees. This induces alpha waves in your mind. And like I said above, when you are in an alpha state of mind (very light to medium trance state), your intuition gets stronger.


Maintaining a regular dream journal over time develops a very strong connection to your subconscious mind. This naturally improves your intuition. You will also see other side benefits of maintaining a dream journal: a) You will begin to get more significant dreams with messages. You might even receive prophetic dreams (I have got them). b) You might open the doorway to the superconscious mind and might start meeting departed loved ones, angels, guides, Ascended Masters etc c) You might start to experience Out of Body Travels. I have more information on dream journals here:


We have heard again and again – “practice makes perfect”. It’s true. The more you practice using your intuition, the stronger it gets. Use it on regular daily events. Try to guess who is calling on phone. Try to guess what color someone is wearing when you can’t see them. You know, simple, unthreatening things like this. Even if you are wrong, it wouldn’t really matter. Just keep doing it. Even if you are wrong more than you are right, if you keep practicing you will see that your hits are getting increasingly good!


Simple, but works! You don’t need to perform rituals or ask in any specific way at a specific time wearing a particular essential or hold a particular magical crystal. A simple, “My guardian angels and spirit guides, please help me improve my intuition. Thanks!” will do. I don’t even call upon any particular angel with a specific name. I just say the “work + angels” and call. For example, if I want a parking space, I call “parking angels”. If I want my cooking to be good, I call “cooking angels”. If I want intuition improvement, I might call “intuition-improving angels”.   🙂 Or…just call your guardian angels.


People who train in classical music often are very intuitive. However, I have noticed that people who even listen to classical music regularly enjoy similar benefits. I also feel very “connected” when I listen to very uplifting music – whether classical or not.


When we clear our chakras, through chakra clearing meditations, or colors, or crystals, or music or toning, or chanting, our intuitive powers increase a lot because our energy system is cleared. The crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, and solar plexus chakra especially play a big role in psychic skills.


Walking or spending quiet time outside in nature, breathing the clean & pure fresh air, touching earth with our hands & feet, touching trees attunes us to nature, and clears our own energy. It quietens our minds. And this helps our intuition.


Reading books or watching movies about paranormal phenomena, even if they are just stories, triggers the subconscious, and puts the idea that you are interested in this topic into your subconscious, and that starts off “psychic” experiences for you too. When I read books of “out of body experiences”, I tend to have spontaneous out of body experiences. When I read more about clairvoyance, I tend to have more clairvoyance related experiences. When I read stories of mediumship, I tend to have more mediumship experiences. Try this for yourself and see how it goes with you. I find this really interesting. This is like the law of attraction — whatever we focus on tends to grow in our lives.


Affirmations help a lot. Repeating affirmations like, “I am powerfully intuitive” or “I am powerfully psychic” helps over time.


The more you trust your intuition, the more you pay attention to your intuition, the more intuitive you get. Your subconscious mind, your guides and angels will realize that you do give importance to your intuition, and you will get more intuitive hits, feelings and messages.


This helped me very powerfully in becoming more intuitive and in learning how to talk to angels. I started with using Angel oracle cards. I would keep asking the angels questions through angel cards. In the beginning I used to only read what was written in the card or the accompanying booklet. Later I noticed that I didn’t need to read anything. The messages started coming to my mind as soon as I asked a question. If you feel more comfortable with tarot cards, then use those instead of angel cards.

13. KUNDALINI REIKI OR REIKI ATTUNEMENTS (or other healing modalities)

I have noticed very heightened intuition & psychic skills in people after they get attuned to Reiki or Kundalini Reiki ( The best example is my 80 year old dad. He moved in with us in May 2014. He is totally blind. I attuned him to level 1 Kundalini Reiki and he started practicing healing himself everyday. And soon he started telling me in a very astonished way all the experiences he was having. He said he was seeing all kinds of people. He even saw my mother a few times (my mother is no more…she crossed over in April 2013). And he was very surprised about it all because he had never heard of such things happening. He worked as a scientist before retirement (he could see then), and is very very left brained.  Also remember, he is blind, so suddenly starting to see spirit beings in front of him was very surprising for him. Then I attuned him to level 2 Kundalini Reiki, and now he has been feeling spirit beings (I think mostly my mother and brother who have both crossed over in 2013) physically too. He is blind, and often has helpful hands touching him and guiding him. I am loving the progress with him!


And of course, you can take full fledged training in psychic development. I am developing a course, but there are many out there.

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