Health Affirmations

Health Affirmations

Affirmations have been a powerful tool in changing our mindset, and in manifesting what we want.

BUT, many times, they do not work for many people.


Because let’s say, for example, you have been ill, and you affirm: “I am healthy”

Your mind says, “Ummm…no.”

You affirm: “I am strong and FULL of energy”.

Your mind says, “Yeah sure…I can’t even get out of bed”.

So this fight inside your mind will stop the affirmations from working because your FEELING is not changing. Manifesting anything relies heavily on how you FEEL. If you can bring on the feelings you will feel if you got healthy, strong, full of energy, you are on your way to manifesting a healthy body.

Abraham & Esther Hicks asked us to say it in the form of a question like: “Wouldn’t it be nice if I were strong and healthy?” Now for this question, your mind has no objections. Of course, it will feel nice if you were strong and healthy! No questions about that!

And if you can hold a focused thought and emotion for 17 seconds, you are on your way to manifesting what you want.

And if you can hold a consistent thought and emotion for 68 seconds, you are WELL on your way to manifesting what you want.

So I created this video with 20 such questions related to health. This video is 3 minutes 35 seconds. Takes you well past the 68 seconds.

While you watch the video, immerse yourself in it, in the music, and imagine how nice it would be if…


Watch this video every day if you have been feeling unwell. Share it with someone who could benefit. And let me know in comments how you feel when you watch this video while being immersed in the music, questions, and feelings.

Much love,

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