Is the time flying? In some ways it feels 2017 just started, and in many ways it feels it was in another lifetime. The energy sure is strange.

This year is all about starting new. And if we do not go with the flow, things will get so uncomfortable, that we will have no choice but to let go, or the Universe will end whatever is not in complete alignment with our soul selves.

I had an ending like that. My facebook page The Purple Flower was flying very high with almost 50 million reach, and I was thrilled with it. BUT I realized I was spending inordinate amounts of time on my page. Sure the quotes there help people. But I was working so much on it I was getting very stressed. And I realized somewhere, somehow I had started focusing on the wrong things. I was too focused on the “numbers” of my page as a measurement of success. And that was not agreeable to my soul. So I got many promptings from my inner voice. I did not listen. 🙂 As a result I got stressed. And finally in one fell swoop cut down my activity there in less than half, realizing “numbers” was not really soul-satisfying for me. I did it. And it felt good.

It is only when we let go of what is not right for us, that something good and new shows up. And this year is all about new. 🙂

With that, let us get on with the reading, which says exactly the same thing.

Angel Reading

The first card says just the thing I was talking about! I finally let go of what was not in alignment with my soul, even though it was crazily successful. And what this card says DID happen. At least 3 new great opportunities have opened up for me. I am excited.

The energy now is favorable for new exciting things to happen in your life. The card talks about career opportunities. And yes, the energy is mainly about new career opportunities. But it also can mean new relations, new hobbies…and somehow they will tie in with your career.

Isn’t that the best? When you have an opportunity that you would call your “hobby” or something you just love, and that later on ties in with your career, making your career more fun?

The energy is supporting you now to make the changes you have wanted to make in your life. So do not be afraid. Enough of struggling with things that do not make your heart happy. Be prepared. When you see an opportunity knocking, take it. It is time we made our lives fun, and happy. A new way of life is showing up to us. Let us not fight it anymore. Change can be scary. But once you step through, you will see that it is not scary at all. You will actually feel relieved.

Angel ReadingThis time is also about celebrations. Good news from all around. Weddings, engagements, pregnancies, new jobs, new homes, promotions, new friendships. Get the theme? “New”. 🙂

The emphasis in on having fun. Ask yourself, are you having fun doing what you are doing? If not, do all you can to change it. You might be afraid to change it, but if it is in your hands at all to drop what is not giving you joy, then do it. I know I did it, and it helped me.

The new world energy is about living your true joy. It is no longer about slavery. We all need to learn to relax, and learn to be led by joy. This does not mean do whatever meaningless, irrational things that can hurt us and others. It means we need to ask ourselves what TRULY feels good to our souls?

When we do what truly gives joy to our souls, work does not feel like work. It feels like play. It feels like relaxation.

And this card also literally advices us to go out and have fun. Spend time with friends you like being with. Throw a party. Go on a vacation. Or just go out for a walk where it it beautiful. Take a break.

Angel ReadingThe third card is also all about taking a rest, taking a vacation. I love how the angels give us cards that all tie up together neatly in a theme. 🙂 Don’t you?

We have been through a stressful period. And usually endings are stressful. Even if it is an end to a stressful situation, an end can be a stress by itself.

It will do us a LOT of good if we take time to meditate, or go on peaceful walks in solitude, and allow our minds and souls to slow down, and rest. If we are unable to do this in our own space, it might be a good idea to take a short vacation.

If you have noticed, many of us are feeling tired and sleepy. If you are feeling this way, please do not worry. A huge part of the reason is just the energy shift that we are going through. Many of us are feeling this way. Do not fight it. If you need to sleep, then sleep by all means. Rest. Feel rejuvenated.

Because change is afoot. Beautiful new life and opportunities wait for us. And before we walk through the open doors, it will do us good if we let go of the old stress, old problems, and are feeling ready to to face a brand new day.

Everything I wrote here is about the general energy surrounding us. This is not a specific angel reading. Each of us adds our own energies, emotions, thoughts and actions to these energies, and creates things in their lives accordingly. If you want to buy a personalized angel reading and angelic guidance, contact me by going to the “Contact Me” page, or go to this page for more information:

Have a happy happy time! 😀



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