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Happy April! 😀

How was March for you? I know it was difficult for many. So here’s hoping that the energy in April will be more peaceful.

Let us look at the cards and see what kind of general energy is available to us, and what kind of activities it supports.

Please remember, do not take these as fortune telling or future predictions. This is just information about the general energy available to us. It is up to us take action and take advantage of them. If we don’t, nothing will change.

Angel card reading

This card talks about the recent harsh energies. We might face a few remnants of them in the beginning of April. Or some of us might be over it already. You might already be feeling relief.

Despite this harsh beginning, we do have good days to look forward to.

Our stress levels will go down, and fresh new ideas will come forth from our hearts and subconcious. They may be inspired by your angels or from your dear friends and families.

These ideas could be for whatever you need right now in life: career, health, hobbies, relationships, or spiritual path.

For example, many of us had been experiencing a standstill or confusion about our career, life purpose etc. Now we will get inspiring new ideas on how to move ahead. 

Personally I had been feeling very unmotivated about my work, and just could not get the creativity to flow. But suddenly it feels like I am the fountain of creative ideas! 

I am very grateful to a dear friend from Ireland who is very artistic. Her creations suddenly broke the chains of the creativity block I was feeling. It started with making beautiful new backgrounds for my inspirational posts on my Facebook page I will post a few of my new Facebook videos below this reading, because I want to share them with you. 🙂

And this led to many other things like designing a 365-day gratitude journal that I will make available as printed version as well as e-version. And oh so many things. It feels like floodgates of creativity have opened up.

And this is what this card is talking about. Many of you will experience beautiful new ideas that will help you move ahead in those areas of life where you felt stuck.

Confusion energy will leave and you will experience clarity. You are now ready to move forward.  

angel card reading


This card indicate great tidings too. Talks of a difficult situation coming to an end.

Like I mentioned before, many have had a hard time with confusion, feeling stuck, relationship issues, financial troubles etc. 

Many of the angel readings and life coaching sessions I did for my clients in this period were about exactly these issues: confusion in life path, confusion with career, confusion on how to earn, misunderstandings, miscommunications, people behaving rudely etc.

I am really glad that the April energy gives us relief from all this. It is now up to us to make good use of this energy. Choosing to not let go of old stuff will not work well. It is best to let go and move ahead with this new energy.

It is a GREAT time to make changes in your career, change your home, or change basically just the way you look at things. And that is most powerful. The more you change your outlook for the positive, the more your life will change for the better.

This time also starts the end of emotional issues and illnesses. So if you have been feeling depressed, or ill, things will improve now.

This card also talks about going on a trip. And I am actually going on a trip to go meet my daughter who is in college. 🙂

AR THREE17795690_10155081325962660_3796476065489900344_nI’m loving the theme of all these cards. This card too is about a positive change in our lives.

New opportunities will come our way in the areas we most need. So when opportunity knocks at your door, take action. 🙂 Do not be afraid. It is natural to feel a little worried because of the recent spate of hardships. But let that go. The energy is different now.

This is a great time to make big and small changes in your life. Take steps forward, armed with the knowledge that it will all work out well for you.

The blocks in your path are disappearing now. If the recent problems have shaken up your faith, you will see that everything was actually paving way for your success. Sometimes destruction is needed before creation. 

Your projects will move forward fast now. Expect miracles. And know that Archangel Michael is with you now in helping you forge ahead in your life path.

Everything I wrote here is about the general energy surrounding us. This is not a specific angel reading. Each of us adds our own energies, emotions, thoughts and actions to these energies, and creates things in our lives accordingly. If you want to buy a personalized angel reading and angelic guidance, contact me by going to the “Contact Me” page, or go to this page for more information:

As I mentioned above, here are some of the creative things I have been up to. 🙂 I posted these videos to my Facebook page. Made the backgrounds for these, and I am really happy about them. I hope these videos make you happy too! 😀

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