I was watching a movie, and as the noisy trailers came and went one by one, I asked, “Why do all these movies have to be so noisy?”, and started to hear back answers. Maybe from my own inner voice, maybe God, maybe Angels…maybe something beyond I can fathom?

Answer: Most people like it that way.

Me: But most movies are so full of violence. Doesn’t that add energy to creating a more violent world? What we pay attention to, with so much sensory input, and get so involved with, isn’t that a powerful way of manifesting more violence in this world?

Answer: Yes.

Me: So how will the violence ever stop?

Answer: As long as you need to experience the glory of bravery, as long as you need to experience heroes, there will be a need for the darkness to create that which the heroes need to fight. It is the nature of duality. Duality is needed to have people be heroes, mighty glorious warriors who are victorious. If there is no darkness, how will anyone be a hero? Who will you be victorious against?

Me: That’s true…I guess I like to see glorious heroes too. I like to imagine being one too. But…now when I think of it, given the choice between having violence, sadness, hatred, fear, disease etc…and having peace, I want to have peace. I don’t want to be a hero. I don’t want to experience heroism from someone else either.

Answer: Then you will need to rise above duality. Give up your need for goodness, your need to be good, your need to fight the bad. When you help someone, do it with detachment, understanding that all that is happening here is an illusion.


Answer: Beyond all light & darkness, beyond all rights & wrongs, good & bad is the place you long for. There is no violence there in thought or deed. There are no heroes either…

It struck me as the deepest truth to the longings of my soul. And reminded me of Rumi’s quote:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there. ~ Rumi

Do you long for that place too?

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