Who among us all is untouched by death? It seems to be the final truth. And yet, it does621689_10151168992622660_1778923905_o not have to be the end of communication. Because from what I have experienced, life goes on. I don’t mean for you, me, the ones left behind. I am talking about the ones who have “died”. They go on, with us, around us, loving us always.

This April my mother left this physical world. I live in the USA. She lived in India. My brother called me and told me that she fell ill, and things got out of hand within a couple of days. And he asked me to come home right away so I could meet her. I left for India the next day.

My brother and sister-in-law met me at the Delhi International Airport as soon as I arrived, and drove me straight to the hospital that night. On the way they told me that there was no hope, and she was on life support. They said the doctors were asking them when they should take her off life support, but my brother and SIL felt that our father should make that decision. They were absolutely right.

But how does one say yes to end the life of one’s soulmate? Even if that was the only thing to do? How does one live with such a decision? How can one not wonder — what if I had not said yes…what if she had recovered? How does a person make such a decision? My brother and SIL asked me to talk to our dad about this. I kept wondering how to bring this up to him. He is 100% blind, and my mom was his eyes. I know how much he loved her. They spent their entire lives together…they got married when they were very young. My mother was only 17. They grew up together.

As we drove towards the hospital, and I thought over how I could bring this up to my dad who was old, blind, broken, scared…I suddenly saw a billboard, with electrically lit up words in bold letters, “DO NOT MAKE ANY DECISION RIGHT NOW”. It was part of an ad of course, but the rest of it was hidden from me. Only these words flashed before me. I knew immediately that this was a message from Archangel Michael. I was being asked to NOT approach dad with this decision. And yet, I didn’t know what else could be done. I was confused, but I knew God/Spirit/Creator – whatever you call this force, had a plan. I had to trust.

When I went inside the ICU room of the hospital to see my mother, the one who I saw on the bed…I don’t think I even recognized her. I knew she was around, and felt some sadness from her, but the one who was in the bed with all those wires was a shell.

mC2GTBeWhen I went home to my dad, my SIL (who went home before I did) told me that he went off to sleep, obviously because he did not want to meet me and face this decision. My SIL asked me not to wake him up, and to talk to him the next morning instead. To be honest, I was relieved. I didn’t know what to say to him, or how. Added to that was the message I received. What did Archangel Michael want to say to me?

The next morning my SIL woke me up telling me that there was a call from the hospital. My mother had suffered a heart attack and they could not revive her. It was over. She had left. And I understood what Michael wished to let me know through the message, “DO NOT MAKE ANY DECISION RIGHT NOW”. My mother was simply hanging around so I could “meet” her. And then she took matters in her own hand, and her Higher Self relieved her of the suffering without my dad having to make any tough decisions. She did not want him to make this decision, or to have to live with such a decision. Isn’t that love? Beautiful love. She saved her soulmate from having to say yes to ending her life. And I am thankful to her for that. I don’t think my dad could have been able to do this. I wish no one ever has to make such a decision for their loved ones.

After that, the days of the ceremonies, cremation etc went in a blur. My first and only concern was my dad. Thankfully communication with my mother was very easy. Even my niece (my brother’s daughter) could sense her presence easily. My mother had a  great sense of humor, and she made full use of that throughout this process. My dad was broken. But her constant presence made it all better. She found all the ceremonies really funny, and was making fun of them constantly. I could feel her euphoria. She had met death, and knew it was not the end, but only freedom into greater existence. And she was happy…boy was she happy! Her happiness made me feel really happy too. I don’t know what people around me thought of me…her only daughter, did not shed a single tear. How could I? She was around all the time, with her wisecracks. When her body was brought home, everyone was solemn. When they uncovered her face, her first statement to me was, “At least you guys could have dyed my hair!”. I had to do everything to stop myself from laughing. I asked her, “Really?? Is that all you can say? Dad is crying. Everyone else is crying, and you are bothered about your hair?” Later I told my niece what my mom said, and my niece told me, “Grandmother had become very particular about her hair…she always wanted it dyed and kept well”. So that made sense!

One day my dad was upset and crying that he had lost a ring…a ring that my mother had539784_10150775197773615_354983748_n put away somewhere safely. He said, “She is not around anymore. How will I ever know?” Then he remembered I could talk to her, and he asked me, “Why don’t you ask her?”. I did. But got no response immediately. So I knew she would let me know somehow. I walked to the other side of their bed, to go out of the room, when “something” told me to open the drawer on that side of the nightstand. I did. And there was the ring! It is just amazing how easily Spirit can communicate with us.

She told me a lot of things to tell dad to help him through his grief. I needed to tell him again and again how happy she was. In the last few years she had been really unhappy because of her failing health. But now she was free. She felt really good. That comforted dad. It comforted him to know she existed, she was around, and that she hadn’t vanished into thin air. He felt comforted that I had told him things that only she would know.

And I am blessed that I have many loving, super psychic friends, who kept emailing me while I was in India. They supported me, and they gave me messages from mom. You know who you are ((((((hugs))))). I was focused on my dad. I didn’t have time to think how I was. My friends made me feel loved and supported.

Being able to talk to the ones on the other side of the veil…the ones who have “died”, is a blessing. The end of communication, and wondering whether your loved one exists or not, whether they are alright or not, is what hurts the most. So when you are able to talk to them, it makes things a lot better.

Of course, the grief over the loss of the physical presence is something one never gets over. It something you learn to live with. But it eases your pain if you can talk to them.

536469_351377168305911_1240084251_nLearn to communicate with your crossed over loved ones yourself:

I am going to write down a short procedure for spirit communication here for you all to practice, if you wish to learn this. In the beginning you might feel you are just imagining it. You might feel you are making it up. Maybe sometimes you will. But here is what Archangel Michael told me when I said to him long back, “But how will I know I am really hearing you? I could be making it up. It could be all wrong!”. And he said, “Then dare to be wrong”. So its alright to be wrong sometimes. Spirit communication is not an exact science yet. I know it will be one day. But right now it is not. So we will be wrong sometimes. And that is alright. We can dare to be wrong. We don’t always have to be right. After all what is more important? Making sure we are 100% right all the time and not communicating at all….OR….daring to be wrong sometimes, and knowing that even if we did not get 100% of what our loved ones said, we did connect, we did feel their love, we did hear part of what they were trying to say?

If you have someone in Heaven you miss, and you wish to talk to them, here is what you do:

1. Close your eyes, and sit in a relaxed position.

2. Surround and fill yourself with God’s beautiful protective white light, and pray that you meet the one you are calling. Pray that you will always be receiving truthful communication, and will never be misguided. This prayer to God alone can help a lot. After all, who is more powerful than our loving Creator?

3. Now count back slowly from 100 to 0, imagining that you are going within, with each count.

4. When you are done counting, call the person you wish to talk to. See/visualize/feel their image in your mind.

5. Now begin talking to them as you would if they were in front of you. Do not expect sounds. You might hear sounds too if you are highly clairaudient, but in general, the communication will be as feelings and/or pictures. You might see words. You might feel like you are talking to yourself! If nothing happens, pretend to talk, and pretend to get replies from them. Soon, with practice, you will be able to ease into this, and you will soon start getting confirmations that you are not making it all up. For example..the way my mother showed me where she kept my dad’s ring…there was no way for me to know where it was. And there was no reason for me to want to open that drawer in the nightstand.

Spirit communication is easy. You can do it. But you will need to trust. And practice. And trust. And pray. And practice. It will work. You do not have to end communication with them. You never really need to say goodbye. They will always be with you. They exist in a different form now. As a wonderful friend said to me after her 16 year old son crossed over, “He is not gone. He exists in a different form. And I just have to get used to him existing in a different way.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

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