Absolutely. There is an angel with you right now.

Everyone has loving spirit beings with them who are guardians and teachers. I am not going to talk of the religious and regular descriptions of angels that says they are created beings who are different from humans, and never incarnate etc. I am going to write about what I have personally experienced and felt…and what I believe.

It is not my purpose to change your beliefs. Read what I have to say and let me know what you have experienced.

When I learned about Angels, I learned the typical explanation: Angels are created beings like humans. But they are not human, and will never be human. And that humans can never be angels.

Then as I started to talk to them and work with them, this is what I understood: There are many dimensions of reality. Our physical dimension is one of them. The dimensions are distinguishable from each other by the vibrational rate. And our vibrational state of being depends on the state of our consciousness. What we call the angelic realms are just dimensions of very high vibration. They are not a different “species”.

The crazy thing is, we are multi-dimensional beings…which means, we are right now present in every dimension – including the angelic realm. So you are experiencing this physical life as who you are here. You are also existing in every different dimension as “beings” of different vibrations.

Why are we here on earth if we are also there in the highest dimensions? I will not pretend that I know the perfect answer to this. But the best answer I got was in the book “Conversations With God – Part 1”. It says God created to experience. So, we are here just to experience being what we already are. For example, we are love. We are forgiveness. We are courage. But being something, and experiencing something are two different things altogether. It is here on earth where we have polarity – the good and the bad, happy and sad, where we can experience loving another, and being loved by another. We also experience what it is to not love or be loved. It is here that we can experience what being courageous is, because the “bad” enables us to experience courageous behavior.


angel in the sunlight (antique statue)

Coming back to the original question: Do we all have angels with us? Yes we do. To me, an angel is not a different species of being. To me, angels are beings from the high dimension we call angelic realms…which has you there as well. The one we call our Higher Self is a powerful angel. Your “self” that exists in the angelic realms is your Higher Self. The book “The Journey Home” explains this really well in the form of a parable. “The Journey Home” and “Conversations With God – part 1” are two books that changed things big time for me. I recommend them highly to understand more about your own divine nature.

Who do you have with you? You have your own Higher Self with you. You have other beings from the angelic realms too with you who are often called “Guardian Angels”. You have beings who we call “Archangels”. You have beings from other dimensions too that are there with you, to love you, guide you, protect you. You might call them Spirit Guides. You can also have star beings with you.

You are never alone.

Even when you think you are all alone, you have your divine guides with you.

ACTION ITEM: Next time you feel all alone, I try this – Close your eyes, and count back s l o w l y from 100 to 0, imagining you are coming down a staircase or a ladder from your head to your heart. Make sure you relax. Then, ask your angels to make their presence felt. And you will either feel a warmth, or a vibration. You might feel a cool draft. You might feel hugged. Or you might feel overwhelmed with love. The more relaxed you are, the more you will feel. Try this. Try it many times if you do not experience your angel the first time. You will learn to relax, and to experience your angel. It is very easy.

I will write more about who the angels are, who your angel is, how to feel your angel, how they help you, and how you can work with them in later blog posts.

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