“I’m suddenly feeling low…and I don’t know why.”

“I was fine, but I met this person, and now my back is hurting.”

“I don’t know why I feel tired.”

“I always feel horrible just before a natural calamity.”

Do any of these things sound familiar to you? Now make sure you are not feeling the pain or sadness etc because you are not well. Make sure with your doctor that all is well. And if you find out that all is well, but your energy seems to go up and down for no rhyme or reason, you might consider the possibility that you might be an “empath”.

What are empaths? Empaths are people who have this innate ability to feel other people’s emotions, thoughts, problems like they are their own. They often do not know the origin of the feeling or problem, but often pick up on other people’s energy, and start feeling like those people themselves.

1) An empath often suffers from chronic fatigue and all kinds of aches and pains without knowing a cause.

2) An empath often feels other people’s energies and the world energies so much that they tend to forget about their own feelings and needs.

3) An empath is very sensitive to media — news, TV, world events, violent movies & TV shows.

4) An empath might feel terribly low or depressed just before earthquakes or another large scale calamity.

5) People often feel like pouring out their woes to empaths.

6) An empath is often shy.

7) An empath often loves animals.

8) An empath feels much better in solitude (obviously, because other’s energies are not affecting them).

9) An empath always wants to do all they can to help others because they really feel what others are feeling (like it is actually happening to them).

10) An empath often cannot say no.

11) An empath often identifies themselves too closely with the characters of a movie, TV show, or book.

12) Empaths are often very compassionate and spiritual people. They truly do understand what “one-ness” means.

While empathy is a really useful psychic ability, and certainly useful for a healer so she/he will know how to help her/his client, empaths need to protect themselves because they often get bogged down with physical & emotional pain that is not even theirs. They seem to carry the weight of the world upon themselves.

Here are some tips for empaths to feel better:

1. Do not watch violent movies, TV shows etc.

2. Try to stay away from news. You are really not missing out on much.

3. Do this clearing and sheilding exercise:

A) Every morning, say emphatically, “Whatever is not my energy leave now!”.

B) Then imagine all thoughts, emotions, energies that are not yours, leaving you.

C) Wait a few seconds, and then in you mind or aloud, say this, “I call all of my energy back from all directions of space & time”

D) Then close your eyes and imagine little lights speeding to you and getting absorbed into you.

E) After that ask Archangel Michael to cut cords between you and everything and everyone else (don’t worry, bonds of love don’t get erased).

F) Now imagine/visualize/feel a spark of white light within your solar plexus growing and filling you and your aura with incredibly bright white light.

G) Imagine this for a few minutes, and then ask the light to clear away all energies that are harmful to you.

H) Next, imagine yourself filled and surrounded by white, pink or golden light (whatever you feel drawn towards).

I) Imagine this light enveloping you like a bubble. Instruct this light, “Let only energies of highest love enter you. Transmute upon contact any thought or energy that is negative, into highest love and send back to source of this energy”.

And you are done. With practice this should not take more than 3-5 minutes. Repeat this at night too before you sleep. And anytime you feel you are getting drowned by external emotions, energies repeat this.

Empathy is a beautiful gift because it makes you a compassionate person, you truly experience what one-ness is. But, you need to learn how to turn it off at will, and be able to clear your energy of all external influences.

If you feel you are an empath, and were feeling the negative effects of empathy like chronic fatigue, drowning in others’ sorrows and pains, always putting everyone else above you, and forgetting yourself in the process, then do this for a month very regularly and let me know how you feel. Write down now how you feel. Practice for a month. Come back and tell me here in comments how you feel now.

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