If you know you’ve been good to someone and they did you wrong, wish them luck and just chill. God works in mysterious ways.

We all go through these experiences sometimes when we are left wondering, “How could they behave like this with me? All I did was good for them.”

And then we keep hurting over the betrayal. We keep running the same experience through our minds again and again. Who does this hurt? Them or us? Only us.

Not that we want them to hurt…we only wish they would understand how their actions made us feel. But do they understand? If they do, it happens in their own time. We cannot make them understand.

This is something we need to let go of. It is hard. I do understand. But for our own peace of mind, we need to let go, reminding ourselves that this is their learning, and is between them and God.

Our responsibility is to ensure peace in our own hearts. And the way is letting go of the resentment so we can move forward.

Here is a great video to help you let go of resentment:

Much love and peace to you,

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