tumblr_mg4jfmtKoD1ro8sa2_1357341539_coverSo this new year started with a bang! I wish to discover all I can about the afterlife, and be able to connect people to their departed loved ones so they can feel some peace of mind.

My friend who I will call Ranjana here for privacy, came over for a chat, and to learn how to communicate with the ones who have crossed over. She was a little bit drunk, because that morning while she was cleaning the house, she found last night’s wine bottle still waiting to be emptied…she tasted it, loved it, and drank it all up. LOL! While it made her very entertaining to be with, it made her a tad nervous about talking to her departed grand father who was very opposed to all gambling, drinking alcohol etc.

Anyhoo, we started. I taught her the steps. She saw him. And she didn’t get much communication from him. All she got was that he didn’t look happy, and was mad at her for being drunk. So I thought he was looking unhappy probably because he was stuck somewhere, and did not get to reach “home”. According to Robert Monroe and Bruce Moen’s findings, there are many levels of consciousness, and a departed soul can get stuck in one of the lower levels due to many reasons. No problems. I decided to help the soul out, and asked her to bring her grandmother in, and ask her to take him home. We did that, and she saw them walking together.

By this time I had formed this image of a lost sad soul who was also very angry at his grand daughter. Suddenly his image popped into my mind. He was tall, was bald headed, with hair on the sides of the head. So to be sure, I asked Ranjana, “Who is this bald headed man?”. She said that was her grandfather. She asked me, to confirm that I truly was seeing him, “What are his eyesbrows like?”. I immediately saw bushy eyebrows. So I said, “Bushy”. She was really excited, “HOW did you see?!!! HOW do you know??!!” I must say I was very excited too. This was not the first time I had seen a departed being, but each time I see them, I feel that new sense of excitement :-). Then I saw this short, plump lady with a single braid. I knew that was her grandmother, but I wanted to be sure, so I asked her, “Who is this short, plump lady with him?”. She said, “My grandmother”. And we both were once again really thrilled!

Suddenly I saw the grand father laughing heartily! I asked him why he was laughing, and I got he was laughing because he had only put on a show of being this sad lost soul who needed to be taken back home. He was home, and perfectly happy. I stared at my friend wide-eyed, “He’s laughing at us! He was not really lost or anything…he just wanted to get me to take him home, because I had been studying soul retrieval from Bruce Moen’s books, and had been dying to do it too!” She started laughing too, and confirmed to me that he was always a prankster when he was alive. That was an amazing confirmation of my experience, because I had no clue about how her grand parents looked, or if he was a prankster or anything like that.

I ventured further and asked him, “Are you really mad at Ranjana for being a little drunk today?” I asked because I believe that after a while, the spirit in the spirit world seriously does not remain judgemental, and these little things don’t matter to them. He laughed again and said, “No, I’m not upset with her, but she came with the preconceived notion, and the guilt, that I will be mad at her…so I played along”.

It was a wonderful way to start the new year, talking to this dear grandfather, who Ranjana looks upon as the perfect person, one who was the perfect husband to her grandmother.

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