This article has a video below for you to follow and do EFT tapping with, so you can learn to lower your stress in minutes.

There is no doubt that stress is dangerous. It makes you ill, sad, robs you of joys in your life, and stops you from thinking clearly, and your problem solving abilities are affected greatly. This affects your decision making, career, and even relationships.

My stress levels used to be so high that I felt like a pressure cooker about to explode. It’s no wonder I had many illnesses. Once I brought down my stress levels, and made it important for me to be at peace, my medical test results came back magically wonderful. Most of my illnesses were gone. It was then that I decided that helping people lower their stress will be an important part of my work.

When you are stressed, you activate the fight or flight response in that part of your brain that is called – the Amygdala. And this is a very primitive response, which immediately makes your body think it is in mortal danger (whereas most of the times our stress has nothing to do with any danger to our lives). And when your body and mind are in this mode, your thinking capacity goes down, the focus goes into your muscles, to save your life because your body thinks you might need to fight for your life or flee from danger. Imagine this — if you are being chased by a man-eating lion in a jungle, are you very capable of making business plans, or thinking of how to help your child get better grades, or of creating new ways to earn more?

Now think of another scenario — you are feeling calm, relaxed, happy. Do you feel you will be much more capable of creative problem solving then? More productive? Yes? 🙂


Stress is caused by many different reasons. This video below is about “General/Overall Stress Reduction”. You can either think about the particular reason you are stressed about while tapping with this video, or you can just do a general one like I am doing. Both will work. If you focus on the particular issue that is causing you stress, you will feel relief faster.

In either case, this works really fast, and is very effective. Within a few minutes you will feel a LOT of relief.

Done daily for about 30 minutes, you will automatically bring your stress levels down in general.


If you are familiar with EFT Tapping, go ahead with my GENERAL/OVERALL STRESS REDUCTION video below:

If you have any questions, please don’t forget to leave me comments below. You can leave me comments even to share your thoughts, results, or just to say hi. 🙂

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