Handmade soap, oil in bottles anise and cinnamon on the tableNOTE: I will bring you information and tutorial on new hobbies, art, craft ideas every Thursday. The reason I am doing this is, these days often people do not do things just or fun. People have got much too serious. 🙂 And often when someone is feeling unmotivated, sad etc, just learning something new is all that is needed to bring new energy and enthusiasm back for life.

These tutorials might not always be by me. I’ll bring these ideas for you, so you can try and see if you have fun doing this. Who knows…sometimes what starts as a hobby might turn into a business.

Today I am bringing “Soap Making” for you. How to make soap at home! 🙂

I have made soap at home (this video is not by me), and it is so much fun!! 😀 And you are assured of making soaps with pure ingredients when you make them yourself.

The soap I bring for you today is the simplest one. Make sure you follow the directions EXACTLY – the measurements, and the safety instructions. Lye can seriously hurt your skin if you are not careful. So make sure you follow the instructions 100%.

After you make this, if you feel that you enjoy soap making, look for books, videos etc to learn how to make really exotic and beautiful soap at home. You can sell them, give them as gifts, and did I say it is loads of fun? 😀

So watch this video, and make your own soap. Show me pictures of your soap after you make yours. This week I’ll try and find time to make some more soap and will post the photos later. Or if I manage to make a video or take steps of the process, I’ll post it here next Thursday.

The ingredients are very simple — Olive oil, distilled water, and Lye. You can buy Lye anywhere online. I get my stuff from Amazon.com. You can get it from there too, or from online soap making stores. Once again, be VERY careful with Lye. Do not get scared. I did it. And I am fine. 😀 But just be very careful.

The tools are – goggles, mask, rubber gloves, stainless steel bowls (don’t use them for cooking ever again), hand held blender (do not use this for food again), digital measuring scale, plastic and silicone spatula, glass measuring cups, kitchen thermometer, some plastic boxes for molds.

Let me know if you made the soap. I have friends who have made very successful business with soap making.

Leave me comments :).

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