Watch this gratitude video below where I list a few things we can feel grateful for right now, and then write down at least 10 more things you are grateful for in the comments section below, and I will include you in my website on a separate post.


“I have nothing to be grateful for”? Do you hear people say that often? I hear it a lot.

Here’s the thing.

Each and everyone of us is blessed.

Yes, TRULY blessed.

We each have a ton of challenges, and a ton of blessings. Your life is blessed or cursed depending on what grabs your attention more — your problems, or your blessing?

And this is not to make light of your problems. It’s just that we each have some BIG problems we face in life, and often feel alone through it all…thinking others have it great. That’s not true. We’re all in this life together, and it is the nature of life to throw challenges – big, medium, and small at us…ALL our lives. No one escapes this.

So what is one to do? We can only focus on the problems, and grow the number of problems…or we can focus on the blessings, and make the number of blessings grow.

We often overlook all the things in our life that are really important. We take them for granted. And then we focus on all the things we want and we don’t have. Focus on lack, and lack grows.

Here is a simple way to realize how blessed you are:

Look at each and everything you have. Now imagine you your life without it. How is life without it? Someone else does not have that exact thing.

I did not learn to appreciate the fact that I can see till I started living with my blind dad.

I learned to be thankful for my house when I saw so many homeless people and animals.

I learned how I difficult life would be if I did not have access to drinking water so easily — I have been to places where people fight over a pot of water.

I know how important electricity is, because I have been in places where it was hard to have electricity.

I am so grateful I can use my arms and legs. Many cannot.

I am so grateful I have a mind that works perfectly…I am independent because I can think.

I am so grateful I have clothes to wear. It scares me to see people with tattered clothes, facing the elements. No matter how much I give, there still are multitudes my efforts will not reach. But I will continue giving.

I am so grateful I and my family have comfortable beds on to sleep on…my heart breaks when I see the Syrian refugee children and others sleeping on ground, unprotected, feeling cold, feeling uncomfortable.

I am so grateful for all the money I already have. Oh yes, I can think of all I don’t have and be miserable, and invite more lack. 🙂

Or I can focus on what I do have, be grateful, because what I focus on, grows.

I truly am grateful for ALL the good in my life. I am grateful for YOU! My hugs to you!

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