Last week I shared a really simple method to start your meditation practice. You can stay with the same technique if you want to, and that will be a great meditation.

But if you want to add light & visualization as another component to breath in your meditation technique, you can do what I am going to write next. I just love doing this as it has a remarkable effect on how I feel. Try it anyway, and see how you feel.

1. Sit, or lay down comfortably.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Choose a color of light you wish to work with. I usually work with white or pure gold light.

4. As you breathe in, imagine, visualize or feel your chosen color of light entering you and filling you.

5. As you breathe out, imagine all the stress leaving you physically.

6. Repeat for at least 5 minutes. The longer you can do this, the better. But do not underestimate the power of even 5 minutes.

In case you missed my first blog post on meditation, here it is: How Do I Meditate – Part 1

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