soulmatequalities1What qualities do you want in your soulmate?

Which one of these are missing in you?

How can you bring those qualities in yourself, and why should you do that?

Time for list making! Lists are great! They make your intention much clearer about what/who it is that you are seeking in your life. It is very important that you make your list AFTER you do your Higher Self meditation that I posted in part 2 of this soulmate series. It is important that you do this after doing the Higher Self meditation, so that you think of the highest qualities, guided by your wise Higher Self.

I’m posting the meditation once again so that you can do it easily:

Are you done with your meditation? Now we’ll make a list of the qualities you are looking for in the person you want in your life. Close your eyes, and ask your Higher Self what qualities you should look for in the soul you are inviting into your life.

For example, I am calling in a friend who:

1. Lives close to my home so I can meet her/him easily and frequently.

2. Has a family that is on the same wave-length as my family, and we can all be great family friends, and have a good time together.

3. She/He should LOVE animals and be willing to go great lengths to do animal rescue work with me.

4. She/He should be resourceful and know people who can be powerful and useful in helping animals.

5. She/He should remain calm even in the face of problems in our work in animal rescue.

I will complete my list on my own, but wanted to give you an idea of what to do.

The next question to ask is, “Which one of these qualities are missing in me?”. For me, I do not have the qualities listed in points 4 & 5. I am not resourceful in this area, and I do not know anyone here who could help with animal rescue. I also get really really really upset when I see animals in trouble…I lose my cool.

The last question is, “How can I bring these missing qualities in myself, and why should I do that?”. The reason to do this is because when we bring in as many of those qualities that we are missing in ourselves (and therefore looking for in another), we feel more and more complete, and do not feel like we “NEED” another. You know there is this crazy thing that happens: Somehow, as long as we crave for, and pine for another, they do not appear. When we feel complete within ourselves, and feel we really do not need another, and are perfectly happy by ourselves, somehow “the other” appears. Yes, crazy, but somehow it works out that way.

Now of course, if you are a woman, looking for a man, you cannot become a man…BUT, what you can do is, invoke your own masculine energy so you feel complete within yourself. We, as souls are not male or female. We have both energies, and we feel most balanced, complete, and happy, when we have both our energies balanced – feminine, and masculine. I will cover this in another blog post.

What are some of the ways to incorporate the “missing” qualities in ourselves? The two ways I totally love are:

1. Affirmations: For my example, I will repeat, “I am resourceful, and I know many people who are in powerful positions to help animals” and “I remain calm and peaceful under all circumstances”. Speaking, thinking, writing affirmations makes them a reality for us over time. Remember, it might take time…might not be overnight, so we need to be patient with ourselves and the Universe, and keep working on the affirmations.

2. EFT tapping: EFT tapping is a topic by itself. I will cover this too in another blog post in this series, and help you learn how to incorporate the missing qualities in yourself.

So get going in your list making, figuring out the missing qualities, and turning those missing qualities into affirmations.  I will see you next week!

If you have any questions, please write in the comments below. And please share your experiences too with me in the comments. As always, please share this article with others using the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter etc. above and below this article, so more and more people can benefit. Thank you :-).

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