NOTE: Please make sure you use cold pressed, organic Castor oil like this one below. It is my affiliate link. And the reason I am recommending this is because that’s the one I use, and like. If you use the affiliate link, I will get a tiny commission. If you don’t use it, no worries. Even if you don’t use the affiliate link, I still would recommend it, as I really like this one.:

1. Under Eye Skin Moisturizer: Put a little bit of this oil around your eyes before you sleep, and you will wake up to a better look skin around your eyes. Don’t get it into your eyes. I don’t hear of any problems except an uncomfortable feeling.

2. Eyelash growth: This is something I have done when I was a teenager, and it actually works. Apply cold pressed organic castor oil to your eyelash base and all over your eyelashes either with your finger tip, or with a clean mascara brush before you go to sleep. Some see the effects in 2 weeks, and some even take as long as 2 months. Make sure you take a picture of your eyelashes with eyes closed before starting this treatment, and then take a picture every 15 days.

3. Acne treatment: Castor oil is anti-bacterial, so put it on your acne at night before sleeping, and it will help get rid of pimples.

4. Hair growth: Massage it into your scalp and hair and leave on for about an hour before washing. Do this every other day. It helps with growing the eyebrow hair too, so you can shape them better.

5. To relieve constipation: Take a teaspoon in the morning to help with constipation. But be careful because it is a strong laxative. Do not take for more than 3 days in a row. Ask your doctor before ingesting it, just to be sure. Pregnant women should not ingest castor oil as it is said to induce labor.

6. Relieve Arthritis & Joint Pains: Soak a piece of cotton flannel fabric that has been folded 3-4 times, in Castor oil. The size of the folded piece should be big enough to cover the hurting area. Place over the area to treat. Cover with plastic wrap so nothing drips out. Use heating pads over the area. Keep for 30-45 minutes. You can re-use it by putting it in a ziplock bag, and storing in the refrigerator.

7. Warts & Skin tags: Take a tiny piece of cotton soaked in castor oil. Place on the wart. Cover with band-aid. Do this at night. Over time it removes warts and skin tags.

8. Helps with Ringworms: Apply over affected area during the day, and at night before you sleep.

9. Eases symptoms of allergies: Taken orally, castor oil is said to help with allergies. However, because it is a strong laxative, start with very low dose, eg: 1/2 tsp. Ask your doctor before ingesting it, just to be sure.

10. Helps with split ends: Apply to hair ends regularly an hour before shampooing, and it conditions the hair, so there are no split ends.

Side Effects: Castor oil can cause some side effects – skin irritation & gastro-intestinal problems. If you suffer from cramps,IBS, ulcers, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, colitis, prolapses, or have recently undergone surgery, you should not use Castor oil.

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