25 uses of coconut oil

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is has many uses for health and beauty. It is really easy to find, as most grocery stores and health food stores carry it. You can find many online sources too.

When you start using this oil, you’ll find that you start to prefer this over many expensive beauty products — it is organic, it is natural, and does not harm you like chemicals in most cosmetics do. Many are discovering it is great for health as well.

1. Amazing moisturizing body & face scrub: Mix Brown sugar and Coconut oil in the ratio of about 2:1 (2 parts sugar and 1 part oil). Scrub it in circular motion on your face and body right at the end of your shower. Then wash off with warm water. Dry yourself and you’ll want to touch your skin again and again because it will feel unbelievably soft!

2. Helps with psoriasis or eczema, and many other skin ailments: A friend recently had some skin problem – her hands and feet got filled with boils and sores. She used extra virgin coconut oil religiously on herself, and everything disappeared as if by magic. If you have any skin conditions, you must consult a doctor, but also ask if you can apply coconut oil.

3. Helps with acne: This oil has Lauric acid which helps heal acne over time if used regularly.

4. Eye make-up remover: Even if you have waterproof eye make-up on, it is really easy to take it off with coconut oil. Put some coconut oil in a moist tissue or cotton ball, and then press on your eyes, and wipe off all the make-up. The oil will be great for the skin around your eyes and your eyelashes too.

5. Lice treatment: Rinse your hair with vinegar, and don’t wash it off. Leave it till your hair dries. This will help remove the lice eggs from your hair. Then pour coconut oil very generously on your hair, and spread it all over your hair. Make sure to use plenty of oil. Your hair should be almost dripping with it. Then tie up your hair and cover your head really well with a shower cap or cling wrap. Leave it on for the entire day. The oil will kill all the lice and eggs. Then comb your hair with the fine toothed lice comb and remove all the lice from your hair. Shampoo and condition.

6. For wounds & diaper rash: This oil is anti-bacterial and helps heal wounds and diaper rash.

7. Energy boost: Adding coconut oil to your cooking or to your smoothies helps increase your energy. Or you can mix with chia seeds and eat for energy boost.

8. Stimulate hair growth: When you massage this oil into your scalp and hair (always massage very gently) regularly, it stimulates hair growth.

9. Hair moisturizer: Using this oil regularly and then washing off improves the texture of your hair, makes it soft, shiny and healthy.

10. Weight Loss: Many have used it for weight loss. They start with 1 tsp a day, and increase to about 3 tbs a day. Replace other oils with this. It also gives you extra energy to exercise better.

11. Anti-aging for skin: When used daily on the skin, it keeps wrinkles away for a long long time.

12. Mental alertness & memory: When consumed daily, it helps with increase mental alertness, and improving one’s memory.

13. Urinary Tract Infection: Because it is anti-bacterial, consuming this oil helps in speeding up urinary tract infections (along with what your doctor asks you to take).

14. Dandruff: Mix tea tree oil in coconut oil, and massage into scalp. Regular use will relieve dandruff.

15. Homemade soap: There are many easy recipes for making soap at home using just your crockpot. You can use coconut oil as base in these, and the soap is wonderful for your skin.

16. Yeast infections: Coconut oil breaks open the cell walls of Candida, killing it. Wash the infected area, and dry it well. Then apply a layer of coconut oil on it. Do this twice a day. Also add coconut oil to your diet. Start with just 1/2 to 1 tsp of the oil each day, and you can increase it to 3-5 tbs per day.

17. Sore throat: Mix in a warm/hot cup of tea and consume.

18: Make hands look more youthful: Massage this oil into your cuticles to make them soft and healthy, and into your hands to make the skin look youthful.

19. Under eye cream: Under eye creams are really expensive. You can substitute them easily with a few drops of the inexpensive coconut oil. Helps with dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes.

20. Shaving cream & after shave lotion: You can smooth on coconut oil, and shave, and massage in more coconut oil after washing off. Excellent for your skin.

21. Cooking at high heat: Many oils are not suitable for cooking at high heat. Coconut oil is perfect for this.

22. Coffee creamer: Adding a teaspoon to your morning coffee and blending on high makes your coffee yummy, frothy, creamy, and gives you a super boost in energy. You do not need to add another creamer or milk.

23. Home-made toothpaste: Combine coconut oil and baking soda in 1:1 proportion. Add Xylitol or Stevia, and add a few drops of mint essential oil.

24. Thyroid support: Consuming this oil helps with thyroid support and metabolism.

25. Oil Pulling: Take 2-3 tsp of coconut oil in your mouth before you eat anything or brush your teeth in the morning. Swish it around your mouth for about 20 minutes, and then spit it out in a trash can. Brush your teeth after that. Oil pulling has been said to improve gum health, teeth health, and even your overall health.

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