Hair loss seems to be a big challenge with most people. I used to lose a LOT of hair. In fact I used to shed more hair than all my cats combined. 😀 I tried a few different things, and this is what helped me reduce the hair fall greatly. It also improved my hair texture. My hair looks pretty good these days! 😀 You try it too:

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1. Buy some Sesame oil. The one shown above is what you will get in an Indian grocery store. But you can buy Sesame oil anywhere. I like to get it from the Indian store because you get really huge bottles there for very cheap comparitively.

2. Buy some Fenugreek seeds.

3. Add Fenugreek seeds to a large bottle of Sesame oil to fill about 1/8th of the volume of the bottle. You will need to remove some oil to make space for the Fenugreek seeds.

4. Put the bottle on a window where it gets direct sunlight, and leave it there for about 7-10 days, shaking and mixing everyday to create the Fenugreek oil infusion.

5. Massage this oil to your scalp and hair very gently at least 3-4 times a week. You could do it at night, leave it on, and wash off the next day.

Do this religiously for a month, and you will see remarkable improvement in your hair. Try it, and let me know how it goes for you. If you have any questions, or would like to say hello, please leave me a comment. Also please share this article if you liked it :).


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