Everyone is going to hurt you

I know, that sounds really horrible. But think about it. We are such complex beings – we humans. We make assumptions about others, and others make assumptions about us. We have expectations, others have expectations, we have limitations, others have limitations. We all are facing some struggle or another…and in even the most loving relationships, we do end up hurting each other some time or another.

So do we keep giving people more chances? Giving chances is not the same as forgiving. You can forgive and yet stay out of someone’s life. Giving another chance means staying in that person’s life.

Not everyone who hurts you needs to be out of your life.

Not everyone who hurts you needs to be given another chance.

It depends on “who” the person is. By “who” I don’t mean – just family or close friends. I mean what kind of a person is the person in question.

One must never stay in an abusive relationship. Abusers – emotional or physical, remain abusers. Sometimes they

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