This article shows you how to create simple beaded stretchy healing bracelets that you can program to heal you or help you in anything you want.

I had started beading when I was going through a hard patch in life, and found working with gemstones, and beading very soothing, relaxing, healing and meditative.

Gemstones – semiprecious or precious have healing properties, help with manifesting, help with your mood, energy etc. In fact all stones have healing properties, but it is easier to know with gemstones because there is a lot of information about what each gemstone helps with.

I am going to give a very simple process to create a bracelet, so that even children can make these.

Here is what you need:

1. Stretch cords

2. Gemstone beads

3. Scissors

4. e-6000 glue


1. Select the gemstone beads you need based on what kind of help or healing you need.

2. Measure out a piece of stretch cord by wrapping around your wrist 2 times.

3. Cut it out.

4. Make sure your beads have big enough holes so that the stretch cord can pass through it.

5. Add enough beads so that the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist loosely.

6. Tie a knot (see video below), and cut excess cord off.

7. Hold the bracelet under running water for a minute or two with the intention/prayer that all negative energy be cleared off the bracelet.

8. Hold the bracelet in your hands, and hold against your heart, and visualize what you want to create – better health, healing of an ailment, improving finances, help with sadness, self-confidence, peace…whatever you want. Imagine it happening with you. If you want to feel more peaceful, imagine you have become a person who feels at peace all the time. After you are done imagining, visualize that entire imagination being absorbed by the beads of the bracelet. And you have programmed your bracelet to help you with whatever you need help with!

9. Every 10-15 days, clear your bracelet again under running water, and re-program.

Here is a video on how to make stretch bracelets. This is not my video, but it shows how to tie the knot really well, and hide it.

Some Gemstones, and what they help with:

1. Amethyst:






Amethyst helps you feel peaceful, calm, increases patience, helps those who are grieving, increases spiritual connection, psychic powers. Works on crown chakra as well as third eye.

2. Citrine






Citrine is known as a success stone. It brings feelings of joy, success in your ventures, brings abundance, clears negative energy. Brings hope, increases self-confidence. Works on all solar plexus issues. Relieves depression, low self-esteem. It never absorbs negative energy so it does not need to be ever cleansed.

3. Clear Quartz







This stone is known as the Master Healer. It amplifies energy, thoughts, intentions. Also increases the effects of other crystals. Increases psychic abilities. Draws out negative energy. It is a crown chakra stone.

4. Ametrine






This stone is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. And therefore it has the powers of both crystals. It unites the masculine and feminine energies. Remove negative energy. Helps in de-addiction, weight loss, relieves stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem.

 5. Lapis Lazuli






This is a third eye stone, and improves clairvoyance, psychic abilities in general, and improves one’s intellect. Improves memory. Brings success and recognition in whatever field one is working in. It brings harmony to home and relationships.

6. Moonstone:






Brings calmness. Especially useful for women having hormonal problems. Brings clarity to the mind, balances feminine & masculine energy. Stimulates clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. Can activate the Kundalini in women. Helps calm nightmares in children. Aids sleep, and provides psychic protection.


7. Rose Quartz







This is a heart chakra stone. Brings healing to the heart, sadness, grief, heart breaks. Promotes feelings of self love. Brings romance in one’s life. Promotes love in all relationships, and so it is rightly called the “Love Stone”. Relieves stress and increases self-esteem, balances emotions, brings peace, helps in forgiving.

NOTE: None of this information is given for diagnosing or curing any medical conditions. Please seek your doctor’s help if there is any medical condition. These stones will help in the healing along with your doctor’s treatment.

You can buy anything mentioned here on many online stores like, etc. I am not an affiliate with any of them. 🙂

Enjoy creating your bracelets and show me pictures! 😀

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