There are many ways to improve your clairvoyance. I will discuss 3 out of them all, because this is a blog post, and I must keep it to a readable length, and not write a whole book on it :D.


Sitting and taking time to visualize, imagine pictures, objects, colors, images help a lot. Yes, this is imagination. But the part of your mind that receives clairvoyant information is the same part that is used while imagining things. So, if you practice imagining an apple everyday (yes! it helps!), trying to make the apple as real and as alive as possible, you are exercising that part of your mind which receives clairvoyant images.

Some suggestions are, yes, visualize an apple. See it from all sides…turn it mfeaDFuaround…see it from the top…see it from the bottom…toss it around in your mind. Use your imagination. Make it real…the colors, the feelings, and maybe the smell too :). Then take a bite off the apple in your mind. See how it looks with that bite taken off. See it with another bite off. And then another bite…and so on till you are left with the core of the apple.

Similarly, visualize other images...maybe your aunt. Try and see her face as clearly as possible. If you are nutty like me, you might even want to put a mustache on her and see how she looks.

In the beginning you might not see the images clearly. In fact you might not really “see” at all. That is alright. Just “feel” it there. “Know” it is there, and do your best. Do your best. With regular, daily effort, you will start seeing, and in time you will start seeing things crystal clear.

When you start seeing, you will start receiving images clairvoyantly too.


This works beautifully too. I have had amazing experiences with this…but those stories are for another blog post :). What I will write about is, when I close my eyes, and focus on the third eye area, and chant something, my third eye often opens up 100% and in most dramatic ways. About what to chant, I have tried OM, and have once called Jesus by repeating his name (yes, and I ended up meeting him face to face as a result). Once I was just looking at the third eye and singing a happy song in my mind, and it opened up my third eye. Find something that is easy to chant, and meaningful to you. When you look at your third eye, make sure you don’t strain your eye muscles. To achieve this non-stressful way of gazing at the third eye area, pretend you are looking through your third eye at something about 3 – 5 feet away from you at third eye level. And then chant whatever you would like to. When I chant OM, I come face to face with the Sun, or Sun like form…because in my imagination God looks like the Sun :).

When I say I come face to face with the Sun, I don’t mean I am dreaming it, or visualizing 887042_10151493740697660_1830222112_oit. I mean…it feels as if the forehead has disappeared, and I am truly face to face with whoever I have called. It feels as real, and physical as being in the presence of anyone here on earth. When this happens, I can look around in the room with my eyes closed. I was quite petrified when this happened to me the first few times. No one had told me it could happen. I was doing this for meditation. I did not expect anything to happen. So I did freak. Just letting you know, so you don’t freak when it happens (unless, it has already happened to you, and in that case you will know what to expect).


I have not tried this one personally, but I know it works because one of my friends did try it and the result was amazing! She told me she used to repeat this affirmation that Doreen Virtue gave us: “I am profoundly clairvoyant!”. She said she repeated it almost all the time in her mind, even when she was doing other work…it went on like a mental recording. She did not expect what happened next! She had expected to see mental images. But that day she was in a grocery store, minding her own business, buying grocery…while repeating this affirmation in her mind. And suddenly everything changed around her! She saw all kinds of beings in the same space as the humans…wandering around in the grocery store! Angels, fairies…you name it! LOL! She got so frightened, she shut it off immediately. Later she learned how to open the third eye when she wanted to, and close it when she needed that.

So, give it a try!

Try out all these methods, or 1 or 2 of them, and give it a GOOD try! A long enough, regular one. 🙂 And you will SEE amazing things. Come back and let me know how it went. And if you have any questions, comments, experiences to share, please write in the comments section…I would love to hear from you.

Until the next time then,

Clairvoyantly yours 😉


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