Types of Clairvoyance

Here is #2 in my Psychic Development series. I’ll talk about some examples of Clairvoyance below:

1. Inside the mind’s eye:

When you close your eyes, do you see images? Pictures? An example of this is, a few years back, I was just sitting around doing nothing in particular when I saw a family member in my mind. He met with an accident while driving to work. And I saw him lying on side of the road with a head injury. But I felt calm about it. I knew he would be fine. Sure enough, in a few weeks, he called us and told us he had met with an accident, and was unconscious by the side of the road with an injury on the head. He didn’t tell us earlier because he didn’t want to worry us. He said someone took him to the hospital, and he was fine. This kind of clairvoyance is most common. You can use this to ask questions of your Higher Guidance, and get replies through pictures in your mind.

2. Seeing apparitions/entities/guides/angels outside the mind:

This is when you see non-physical beings outside in the physical world like you would see physical people. This is rare. But children often see like this. Cool, isn’t it? 🙂 This has happened with me very rarely. One example is, one morning I woke up, and I saw Archangel Michael standing near my bed, between my bed and the window. It lasted only a few moments, and then I could not see him anymore. That was a really fabulous experience!

3. Messages or Prophecies through Dreams:

A few years back, I was in India, and dreamed one night that the Guru of my husband’s family was lying in bed, and he told me he was about to transition. I woke up and told my mother-in-law, who asked me not to tell anyone and instead wait and watch. He soon transitioned. In a few weeks, I had another dream. I saw a bespectacled gentleman sitting behind a teacher’s desk. I asked him who he was. He replied, “I am going to be the new guru of this community. I am a professor in an engineering school at New Delhi”. Then his face changed to that of the previous guru, and back to his own face. Sure enough, in a couple of weeks, the community announced their new Guru. He wore spectacles. And he was a professor in a well known engineering school of New Delhi.

Hope you enjoyed this! The next in series will give you a few tips on developing your own clairvoyance. If you have any experiences to share, or any questions, please click on the blue “talk bubble” on top, and write your comment. I’d love to hear from you.

And…please fee free to share! ♥

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