Angel Reading 10th April

Angel ReadingHappy new week! 😀 I hope last week was good for you. It was for me, and others I heard from – it really was about wonderful opportunities.

Here is the angel reading for this week: The beginning of the week is about giving and receiving. Either you will find yourself in the place of giving financial, material, physical, emotional or spiritual support, or you will receive such support.

If you are giving help, please make sure you let go of any and all expectations of any return – even friendship or gratitude. Not saying that you will be helping people who are ungrateful, but that the energy is such, that you will do best if you give with completely unconditional love, and hold nothing against them if they do not repay the kindness.

Make sure when you are helping someone, it empowers them, and does not make them dependent on you.

And if you are the one receiving help, then be gracious receivers. Many of us have difficulty in accepting help, or even asking for help. You are asked to trust the Universe at this time and let yourself receive. For the giver and the receiver in this case will both be blessed.

There is a good possibility that if you need material or financial help, you will seem to magically get help even if you thought there was no way to do this.

Angel ReadingMid week you might be needing some answers. You might be confused about a few things. Remember that you can always ask knowledgeable people for their input, but you will get the most helpful answers in quiet solitude from your own inner voice. Meditate or spend peaceful time alone and reflect over the pros and cons, what is needed, what is best for you, what brings most joy, and see where your inner guidance leads you.

If you are walking a spiritual path, this is time to go within. And for some this means you are being asked to walk a spiritual path.

Mentors and teachers might appear at the time you need them the most. Trust their guidance. Or you could be in a position to be a mentor or teacher or guide to someone else, and you could be the one giving trustworthy guidance to them.


Angel ReadingIf you feel stuck with a decision, or feel like you absolutely must do something even if you don’t want to, this end of the week card reminds you that you do not need to be stuck. There are better ways available to you.

This card also asks you to let go of any situation that is not for your highest good, because something else, something better awaits you. If you are in a transition period, and are stressed or sad about it, know that you are heading towards something much nicer.

Leave the past where it belongs – in the past. Time for a fresh new start, a fresh new life, a fresh new YOU. 🙂

Once again, like the mid week card, you are asked to follow your own inner guidance. Your inner search for answers will give you the best guidance. So far in your life you have learned a lot about yourself – who you are, what you like, what works for you. And this self-knowledge is going to be very useful in the decisions you make. It will help you do what you know is right for you.

You might actually re-locate your place of residence, or change your job. This change might even be from a change in interests.

On a very literal sense, I am also feeling that we should pay special attention to our pets.

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