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Angel Reading

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Hello and welcome back to your weekly Angel Reading. 😀 How was last week? Here is your angel reading for this week with the energy update and guidelines to have a great week.

Weekly Angel Reading:

Angel Reading Be sure to do anything you can to stay motivated this week. You might be feeling emotionally and/or physically tired. You’ve been working hard and long. And you have sown seeds for your upcoming projects. Please make sure that you do not stop to rest at this time. There will be time for that later. Right now is the time to keep forging ahead with your ideas and projects. You might have a few challenges to face, but these will be the last few for a while. So take heart, and stay determined and work through all the problems you encounter. The fatigue might be starting to wear you off a bit. Health will need extra vigilance, so pay attention to how you feel, what you eat, and take care of your health. If you face illness, do not worry, you will get well.

If you have been thinking of experimenting with growing an organic vegetable garden, it might be a good time to start now, and some seeds need this winter time to stay inside earth before they germinate (I am smiling to see this because just yesterday I have sowed some different kinds of squash seeds). And the angels say that this same wisdom with the seeds of your garden applies to any projects you have in life at this time. The seeds you have sown need the time to germinate, so you might be feeling a lull in action. You might feel like your project is not going ahead, whereas it is simply in the pre-germinating stage. So do not lose your patience, and continue to take care of the garden, or your projects. As spring arrives you will start to see results of your hard work. Keep your confidence level high.

Angel Reading The angels also showed me a shining light in darkness, which brought to mind the words, “light at the end of the tunnel”. Which means you might be prone to worrying, but everything will turn out right (as confirmed by the card as well). And you might be imagining the worst things happening. Fact is…fortunately, despite how it looks on the surface, and how it feels, for most of you, your worst fears will not materialize. So quit worrying, and instead, use your time to imagine, visualize or think about the outcome you you really want. Worrying uses the same process that we use when we are manifesting good through visualization + imagination + emotions. How is manifesting done? We visualize what we want, and imagine it really happening, and feel the emotions as if it is really happening. And that is exactly what we do when we worry — we imagine horrible things happening, even visualize it, and feel horrible at the same time. So…the angels say, that while you are at imagining + visualizing + feeling the emotions, you might as well manifest what you really want, instead of wasting your energy over worrying. Beware that the energy is the kind that will encourage you to worry. So remember this, and consciously change your mind to manifesting what you want. Remember that no matter how it looks, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you are moving towards it.

If you still feel stressed or worried, write it all down, or write a letter to your angels to hand them the worries. You could even talk to a trusted friend who you know will help you feel better. I came across this beautiful Mayan legend of “worry dolls”. You have this tiny doll that you tell all your worries to at night before sleeping, and keep it under your pillow and go to sleep. Trust that you will be helped. The next morning you wake up feeling a lot better. I do this same thing with my guardian angels. I tell them what is worrying me, and the next morning I wake up feeling a lot better. If you know how to do EFT, do that. That helps you lower your stress and worry within minutes. Here is my post & video on how to do EFT: https://thepurpleflower.com/eft-tapping-basics/. And here is the post & video to use EFT to lower your stress: https://thepurpleflower.com/how-to-lower-your-stress-in-minutes/.

Angel ReadingAnd no matter how things look on the surface, just like the angels said that our worst fears are not going to materialize, they also say that it is actually a magical time. A strong time to manifest. Whatever you wish for at this time, whatever you work on manifesting will happen. So use your beautiful imagination power and emotions wisely and make your dreams come true. Anytime you worry, remind yourself that this is a powerful manifesting time, and turn your thoughts towards what you want.

Some of you will already start seeing the rewards coming through, your worries will start to fade away as the week ends, and your dreams will start to materialize too. And those of you who have yet started to see it happen, rest assured that the fruits of your labor will soon start to surface. The worrying energy of this week will start to go away, and you will be feeling more positive, and uplifted naturally. Finances will start to show an upward trend. All the hard work you have been putting in will start to show results. Keep this in mind through the week, so that you can defeat the worrying-energy. It is a happy time toward the end of the week…the week ends on a happy note.

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Have a gorgeous week!! 😀

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