Angel Reading

Weekly Angel Reading

Weekly Angel Reading

Hello 😀 & a Happy New Week to you. 😀 Here’s the angel reading and energy updates for the coming week. I hope this week goes really well for you!

Angel ReadingAfter the worrisome energy from last week, this week seems to have some really special energy for us. Many of us will have really good things happening to us. Some of your dreams will come true. Financially too this week looks good.

If you have been working on some projects and expecting good financial returns on them, this week should make that happen. Last week life seemed to be on hold. We waited for our dreams to materialize. We waited for our projects to bear fruit. But it seemed like nothing was happening. In fact sometimes it felt like everything was going wrong. But as the angels said last week — our worst fears would not come true…and they didn’t. Now this week seems just the opposite. Projects that seemed on hold, rewards that seemed denied will all come to be. That is always great to hear, isn’t it? 🙂

The energy also brings a happy, relaxing time for many. You might take a break to enjoy yourself after the long period of hard work and worries. It seems to be a good time to take a mini vacation. The worry energy of last week will be replaced with joyful activities and feelings. It will feel like life is magical at times.

So make sure you make most of this energy, and do something special for yourself, because the Universe is backing you up on that.

Angel ReadingThis week is great for your career or business. And if you have been thinking of getting more training for your career, now will be a good time. If an opportunity for a special training comes your way, and you feel inspired to take it, then go ahead and do it because divine guidance says that this will be a good move.

Some of you might be considering going back to school for continued or higher education so that you do better in your job or business. That too will be a good move. This education will bring you rich rewards.

If you have already been studying, or training, this week you can rest assured that you will find yourself focusing well, achieving good results, and enjoying too. A really good week for students.

Your skills, your talents, your work will be appreciated and rewarded.

In fact, if you haven’t given it a thought, do take the time to think of taking a course, training, or going back to school for topics that will advance your career.

Angel ReadingThe last card the angels give me for this coming week is great! It seems to confirm again that this week is going to bring much joy to us. After a long time of hardships, toil and worries that seemed to affect most of us not just last week, but most of the second part of last year, this week is going to be amazing.

You might receive public recognition or awards. It’s a week of achievements and success. People will be appreciative of you…which is rather amazing knowing that this is Mercury Retrograde time. During Mercury Retrograde we often have miscommunications and misunderstandings. But this week the energy seems to be great for your reputation, what people think of you, and what they talk about you. 😀

This week you too will feel good about yourself. The energy supports that feeling, and so do the events.

Like the other 2 cards have said — your hard work will bring you results this week. This week you are very likely to receive good news.

I am really looking forward to this week…it is a welcome change after a long time, don’t you think?

Happy week! 😀


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