Angel Reading

Happy new week! First of all, I wanted to say I’d been absconding from my blog because of health issues.

Second, I am changing the week from “Sunday to Saturday” format to “Monday to Sunday” format. So the weekly angel reading/angel energy updates will be from Mondays to Sundays. I’m doing this because I get more time on Sunday to do the angel reading.

I hope you all have been doing well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let us begin, and see what the coming 7 days look like, and how we can do our best.

Angel ReadingWhat a beautiful energy to begin a new week with! All around new beginnings! Great big changes.

If you have been thinking of making big changes to one or more aspects of your life, then now is the time. Take time to rethink whatever you have been doing. Is it working? Not working? What aspect of your life is not working? Why?

And sometimes it is not even about something not working. Sometimes it is simply about a change in direction because your interests have changed. When you see your interests change, remember that this is a prompting from your Higher Self that you have completed a phase of your life, and it is time now to step into another aspect of your divine life purpose.

Sometimes when people need to make changes to their life, job, relationship, they feel sadness thinking of it as a failure on their part. They couldn’t be more wrong. In our lives we are not always meant to stick to the same job, hobby, path, interest etc. Some parts of our lives, and some relations are here to stay for the rest of your life, but many others keep changing. It is meant to be that way. It is like going to the next grade in school. That’s all.

For many of us this is a time for going into the next grade in life. Ask your inner voice — which direction are you being asked to follow now? Rest assured that you cannot go wrong when you follow the call of your soul. Be brave and do it now.

The situation you are in – job, relationship, legal issues, examinations etc – it is all going to take a turn towards positive. So step forward confidently. Now is not the time to be afraid.

Angel ReadingThis is a good week. If you have taken confident steps, you will start to see lovely results now. All your hard work is beginning to show results now.

Actually I feel this change suddenly now. I was feeling quite sick when I started to type this out. So I quit. I wasn’t able to work anymore. Was in so much pain that I wanted to just give up on life. And funnily, the time now is 12:19 am here…Monday. And the energy suddenly shifted. The pain that had me on my knees almost the whole day just stopped. All of a sudden. Just like that. After dealing with so much pain for hours, I had lost all energy. I didn’t think I could go on another minute. But miraculously I am feeling absolutely fine now. If that is not the change of energy working divinely in my life, I don’t know what else it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you feel this sudden shift into amazingness in your life too.

Mid week is about success. ย It is about feeling good, contented, at peace. It is also about abundance. ๐Ÿ™‚ The well thought out changes you have been making in life is bringing you great results, and you can see that what you are doing is perfect for you at this time. If you haven’t already made the changes you have felt prompted to make, now is the time.

Relationships, home life also have a positive influx of energy. This is a time that could also mean a committed relationship, engagement or marriage for some.

It is a time for a successful completion of a phase or a project.

Angel ReadingThe energy of abundance and success continues through the end of this 7-day period. In fact this phase is here for a while, so this is a good time to make long term plans.

And that makes sense, seeing what kind of energy it is that we are given for this phase. When we start on a new phase, or new anything (the theme of this week), it is a great time to make long term plans so that this new beginning carries through into another successful completion.

So do not kick back and rest. Take a good look at all you have done already. What did you learn from it? Can you apply it all to this next phase?

Your intuition will be strong at this time. A great time to sit with your guides and angels and take their input as well into planning out next project/phase.

Be patient now as you make plans. The results of this new project or phase will come later. Now is the time to make solid plans with your inner guidance, with mentors, or people whose wisdom you trust.

If you are self-employed, think of ways to expand and promote your work.

Have a great week folks!

Much love to you.

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