angel reading 13th march 2016

Happy New Week! I hope you have been doing well, and your last week was good.

Angel ReadingI usually ask the angels to show me what they want to, before I pull cards. This week they showed me a door with a welcome mat, and a dolphin moving up fast through water and breaking through the surface. So this week brings us the energy of opportunities and breakthroughs in our lives.

The first card too talks about new beginnings. A part or phase of your life will be ending, and you will make a fresh new start. Listen to your voice within. Your soul will show you the way. If you have been feeling lost, you will find your path, you will find the calling of your soul.

If you have been distracted, or have been procrastinating on your life’s purpose, now is the time to rededicate yourself to your work.

Take stock of all that has passed, and learn from it, but refrain from judging yourself negatively. Instead learn from your past mistakes, and see what you can do different now. The new beginning you are being offered will bring you joy.

It seems to be a good time for any academic pursuits, examinations, or legal settlements.

Angel ReadingIf you are stuck in a situation, not knowing what to do, consult your intuition or anyone you trust, and make a move. Make a decision. Being indecisive is not going to be helpful at this time. One question you can ask yourself is — what is it that you most want/need to happen right now in your life? Gather more information if you need, talk to others, get the clarity you need. And don’t forget to ask your intuitive guidance. Base your decision on what your research and intuition say. Make a well informed and balanced decision.

Click on this card – Seven of Raphael, and see if there is a color bucket you feel drawn to. The chakra corresponding to the color might have guidance or information you need to make this decision.

Whatever you do, try and not be led by unrealistic thoughts. Be practical, and make a well informed decision. Do not procrastinate. Make sure you do everything you can to get clarity. Health might need some attention.

Angel ReadingLike the first card and my visions suggested, this card too talks of possibilities of great opportunities. And like the second card suggests, anyone pursuing academics will do well around this time. You might be given scholarships too. And this is really interesting because around this time many students are waiting for their college admissions (including my daughter). So most of you reading this, if you are in academics, or waiting for results or admissions, or are parents of children waiting for exam results or admissions, this week and the start of next week might be a good time. It is an especially good time for college/university related matters.

If you receive advice from someone, or from your own inner guidance, pay attention because the advice will be right . You will be given solutions to your problems.

And as the first card suggested, this card too points towards starting something new, or getting interested in something new.

So end all procrastination, indecisions etc. Get clarity and make a decision and move forward with your life, because much joy awaits you.

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