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Angel Reading a 14th Feb 2016Early Week:

A great start to the week! Along with this card, the visions I got were that of big trees that grew from the saplings that were planted. This week many of you might be getting the results for the work you have been doing. You have been waiting for this time, this opportunity, this moment. And the time is now here.

You are asked to take this opportunity that is given  to you. This is what you wanted. This is aligned with your life purpose and passion.

You might feel like you are not ready for this, but the fact is, you are ready. Have confidence in yourself, and your abilities, and go ahead and accept this opportunity.

You might come across someone who is full of energy and is an extrovert. This person might be very helpful to you.

Even though this card is about career mostly, I do feel it is talking about other areas of life too, depending on where you are. If you have been working on relationship, then this week will bring great energy into that area. You might meet someone who is just right for you. If you have been wondering about your spiritual life, or fun & adventure, then this week will bring great opportunities & experiences.

Angel ReadingMid Week:

The fabulous energy continues to mid week. The wishes you made are coming true now. Your prayers are being answered.

The plans you have been making, and are making now will be successful. So go ahead, wish upon a star, make your long-term plans confidently. It will all work out for the best.

In fact if you have been having a bad spell, facing a difficult situation, then rest assured that it will end soon. Whether you have been having difficulty in career, life purpose, relationships, finances, health, or any other area, this situation will end soon, giving way to a beautiful new phase with dreams coming true. This is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Make sure you believe in yourself – that is the most important element for your success. The Universe can provide you with positive energy for certain situations. But finally, it is in your hands to make it happen. And right now, what you need to do is to have self-confidence.

Angel ReadingEnd Week:

And a lovely card for the end of the week! Very positive energy for relationships. For some this might mean finding the right person for long term or lifetime relationship. For some it means, that if your relationship lacked commitment and romance, then this week is a great time to work on that area. You will be successful.

At the least, if you have been feeling stuck in a relationship, you will make firm decisions and move forward to be fully committed or to part ways and make space for a committed relationship. Either ways, the decision you make will be for your best.

This card often means falling in love. 🙂 Someone will make you feel deep feelings of being in love. If you have not experienced the deepest sense of falling in love, then you are in for a treat. You will realize how all encompassing this feeling can be. It can be akin to devotion. It can take over your life, and make everything feel worthwhile.

This card talks about relationships, but I feel this also extends to career, or hobbies. You could get an opportunity that really makes your heart sing! You will be in love with life itself, because this opportunity is what your heart longed for.

Final notes:

This week seems to herald simply beautiful energy. Make sure you work with self-confidence, and take the necessary steps to make the best use of the energies being presented to you. Remember, without your participating in it, the best energies cannot do much. This time is not for sitting and waiting it out. Seize the moment…take all actions needed to make your dreams come true.

I wish you a successful, happy week!

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