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And a brand new week begins, with new opportunities, new lessons…and fun. 🙂

Angel ReadingThe week begins on a happy note. You have the opportunity to spend some beautiful time with friends and family – people close to your heart. Enjoy this moment given to you. In fact, if you haven’t arranged for a get together with people who matter to you, make sure you do this week. Because finally, no matter what we are after in life, no matter what we are trying to accomplish, what truly matters is love and happiness…something we often get from the loving relationships we have. And this is what often gives us the strength to face anything that comes in life. If you have been busy at work or with other things, make sure you make time for the ones who matter most to you.

And if there has been tension and stress in your relationship, this week gives you a beautiful opportunity to make amends. The energy is great to clear misunderstandings, to let go of past hurt, of anger, and to work things out. Is there someone special in your life that you have had some miscommunication with recently? Remember to not let ego come between you two. When you are mad at someone who matters a lot, ask yourself – is your ego and anger more important than this person?

This is also a time that supports romantic relationships, your relationship with your children, and parents. I know what this card means to me — tomorrow I am spending my day with my uncle, aunt, cousins and nephews. 😀

Angel ReadingInterestingly, we got the same card last week for mid-week that we got this week. It is interesting how a theme continues over time. And luckily for us, it is a good theme. 😀 So this week too we have chances of a really good opportunity at job, business, studies, or life in general.

So if you feel you missed the opportunity last week, take heart, because the energy is still in full strength this week. Often times the opportunities lie around us, but in order to get them into our experience, we need to keep our senses alert, and step forward and claim them. And when we do so, and when the Universe too supports this energy, together we create magic. Look around you. What is it you can do this week to get closer to your dreams? What is it you can do to claim the opportunities all around you?

Interestingly this is also the time of graduations, and starting school. And this card talks of doing well, getting great opportunities as a student, and getting scholarships.

Pay attention to any advice given, as it might provide solutions to your problems. This advice could come from someone else or from your own inner guidance. This is a time for solutions.

If you have been thinking of continued education, or training, this is a good time. You might also get interested in a completely new hobby or line of studies or work.

Angel ReadingIf you have been feeling stuck in a situation, or if such a situation arises, please remember that this is an illusion created by our own minds.

As long as we continue to look at a situation through fear, we will continue to feel trapped. But I do have a sense that we have an opportunity this week to suddenly realize we truly are free. Or we might find ourselves free of a situation that has been bothering us for a long time.

And if this sudden feeling of freedom does not come on its own this week, then take steps to try and look beyond your worries and fears. Are there actually opportunities waiting for you in the guise of challenges? Sometimes what presents itself as a problem to us, turns out to be one of life’s greatest opportunities. Think of the famous inventions – they were in response to problems, weren’t they? Is your problem also actually a gateway to a massive opportunity? Give it a good thought.

Believe in yourself, your ability to overcome anything that comes your way. Especially at this time. Because the door to freedom, the solution to your problem is there. All you need is having the faith that you can do it. Many times we are stuck because of self-sabotage, and our own lack of self-confidence.

The card also reminds us, that we can always call upon Divine intervention when we can’t see a way out. God, Universe, Angels, can, and do intervene when we really ask for help with all our hearts and souls. The answer might look different from what you imagined, but your call is answered.

You will find a way out.

Have a GREAT week!!

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