Angel Reading 17th Apr 2016

Angel ReadingStart of the week finds many of us needing to retreat back into solitude, or more rest. Make sure you are taking good care of your well-being – both emotional, as well as physical.

And sometimes, things get so confusing or we just don’t know what to do next. In that case too, this is the time to take a break, and stop whatever is causing you any problem.

More action, forging ahead despite the challenges – work or health or relationships – will not be the best course of action. Sometimes, slowing down, or taking a complete break is what is needed.

Try slowing down at first. If that doesn’t do it, take a complete break. Don’t think about it. Do not discuss it with others. Just let it go for now.

You will find that when you are resting, sleeping, dreaming, or meditating, you will come up with pretty good insights and ideas to make this work. Haven’t most of you seen that when you are in the shower, you get some of the best ideas? 🙂 Use this resting period to your full advantage. It is not a bad thing to take a break.

And if you haven’t been feeling well, taking time to rest and relax will help you recover fully. You need to de-stress. Do fun things, go on a vacation, or just enjoy some quiet time, focusing within.

And when you start again after the break, you will find yourself renewed with fresh energy, fresh new ideas, and the strength to do it all much better.

Angel ReadingMid-week the energy for action starts to stir up. It is time to use your creative energy at your work, or at play. Or with artistic pursuits.

Whatever you give your loving attention to, will grow and do well. Whether it is your artistic talents, your children, other relationships, garden, new work ideas…basically anything that you give your love to will do well.

This card also talks of pregnancies and childbirth. So if anyone is trying to get pregnant, now is a good time. If you are pregnant, all will go well.

Whatever you had to give up or take a break from end of last week or beginning of this week can do great now with your ideas.

People focused on their jobs or businesses will have a good time too. Prosperity is in the air. 🙂

If there have been worries about your health or someone else’s health, you will start to see those worries fade away too. And in all this love and attention you are giving everyone, your talents, or your work, don’t forget to continue giving yourself the love and attention too.

Angel Reading

End of the week, sees the mid week energy continue. Relationships continue to do well. Your biggest strength is your heart-wisdom at this time. Listen to your heart…the wisdom of your heart, and you will do well. By this I am not talking of sentimental energy. Wisdom of the heart is Divine Love which is far above emotional thoughts. This force is pure unconditional love. If in confusion, ask yourself, “What would Divine Love do, so that everyone is benefitted, including you?”

This is a great time for family bonding. You might be able to help someone understand their own feelings, or someone else might be able to help you understand your feelings.

Intuition is at the forefront at this time. Listen to those gut feelings, and intuitive hits. Whatever information you get at this time from your intuition is totally reliable.

Have a very happy week everyone!!

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