Weekly Angel Reading

Hello everyone! As I type this reading for the coming week (Monday to Sunday), there is only 1 minute left of my birthday. Today was my birthday, and my cousin and my daughter helped me have a fabulous time. 🙂 It is my birthday wish that your lives change for the better from this moment onwards, no matter how good, bad, boring, regular your life may be at this time. With that wish made, let’s see what the energy looks like for the next 7 days.

Weekly Angel ReadingWhen I see this picture, I feel like the letting go phase from last week still continues. The energy is supportive of letting go of all that is not working anymore in our lives. We need to turn away from what is not beautiful anymore, and turn towards a spiritual path, a spiritual quest.

Often when such a time comes, life seems to slow down in many ways. Do not mistake this for something going wrong. It simply means you are being given time to go within and focus on your connection to the Divine within, to your spiritual growth, and to understand what you truly want to do in life.

Take time to be in solitude and silence. I find journaling – even jotting points – helpful. What questions do you have of life? What is it you need to know? Maybe you will find the answers within the silence. Or maybe you need to bring more silence and peace within so you can hear the answers.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is – What is it that is truly my path? What is it that I really long to do? What is my soul whispering to me now about what I need to do?

You might be moving your residence, or changing jobs, or might even have changes in relationships. And if you feel empty, remember, it is going to be alright. Turn towards a path that will be more fulfilling to your soul.

Angel ReadingThe next card continues the theme of spiritual quest. When the High Priestess appears, the focus goes away from much action, relationships, work etc to focusing inwards. Work etc can go on, or might seem to stop, or end, or change. The important thing is, bring your focus inwards.

This time is conducive to spiritual practices, spiritual growth practices, learning how to improve your intuition/psychic skills, and going within for your questions.

Pay attention to your emotions. Where are they leading you? What do you feel good about? What is hurting you? Your emotions often guide you well with what your soul path is. So pay attention to how you feel when you do something. Does it feel good? Does it feel right?

Instead of looking outside of you for answers, write down your questions, and then make sure you spend time in meditation each day. Meditation can be done the regular way, or even focused exercising, going for walks alone can provide similar benefits. You will realize that in these quiet moments, you begin to get your answers. Your intuition and dreams will provide you answers that no one else can. So work on improving your intuition.

This is a time to retreat. Do not rush into actions. Think and meditate upon what you need to do. Things might not be how they seem outwardly. Whatever you need to know will be revealed to you when the time is right. It is hard to be patient, but at this time, patience is what is needed.

Angel ReadingEven though I have been doing Angel Readings for years now, I still find it remarkable how all the cards seem to follow a theme. This third card for the end of the week follows the same energy, advice as the cards above. In fact, this card takes the theme even deeper.

It is very important that you start to spend time in meditation or quiet reflection in peaceful solitude, if you haven’t already been doing so.

This is a time to grow spiritually. This is a time to improve your intuition or psychic skills. This is a time to understand yourself, who you are, and realize yourself.

I have many blog posts here for free that will help you start this journey if you haven’t already been doing so. Here are a few:


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Do not be afraid to be by yourself. You are not being lonely. You are just withdrawing for a while to make friends with yourself. For the path to immense peace, joy, love, and anything you could ask for, actually starts with the journey of self-realization. Do not fight this phase. If you feel fear and feel you are all alone, remember that we are all together in this path.

Much love to you!

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