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weekly angel card reading

Weekly Angel Reading:

Angel card readingYou might find yourself in a challenging situation this week. And to face this effectively you need to approach this with gentleness and sensitivity. Please remind yourself that you are strong, and can sort any challenge effectively. Call upon Archangel Ariel if you need help with courage & strength.

You might also face aspects of yourself that you do not appreciate much. Please be kind towards yourself as you are to others. If you find yourself being harsh or judgemental towards yourself, make sure you remind yourself to treat yourself like you would treat your best friend, or your precious child, or someone you love very much.

Remember Mercury Retrograde is going on. During this time we often come to face aspects of ourselves that need healing. So when you see something about yourself you do not like, work on healing it with love and care. Do not get impatient with yourself. You might also feel worried about some aspects of yourself or your life. This can be healed. In fact, it is coming up now so you can work on it and heal it. This week when dealing with yourself or others, remember to be kind, be forgiving. Exercise self-control, patience, and confidence. It is going to be alright.

angel card reading This week you will benefit from journaling. Actually this is a practice the angels have been asking me to do for a while, and looks like a good week to begin it. It is mentioned in the book The Artist’s Way – a practice called “Morning Pages”. When you wake up, before you do anything else, quickly write down 3-4 pages of whatever is in your mind. Over time, this practice brings great healing to people. This might be a great week to start this, because this week brings the energy of introspection, and healing. Journaling will be very helpful and soothing during this time (or anytime for that matter).

You might feel like things are going topsy turvy in your life. It is all leading to big and beautiful changes. If you remember this, you will not feel tired or disheartened. Fact is, you have Divine Power working for you to bring more peace in your life. Even if it feels like things are chaotic, this chaos it leading you towards peace and fulfillment of your own wishes.

If a situation arises where you find that most people are not with you, and you are in the minority, hold your ground. Just because most others say something else does not mean they are right and you are wrong. Be confident. Stand up for what you believe in. This week seems to be all about self-confidence & courage. So no matter what the situation, hold your head high, and face it courageously & confidently – that’s the angelic advice. And if we do that, we will find that we are able to sail through more smoothly.

You might need to say no to people in power to take care of yourself and those you care about. Even if you need to do so, do it fearlessly. It will be alright. In fact that is what is needed.

Also, when such a situation arises that seems like a conflict to you, step back and think a bit — is the problem only with those around you, or is it representing a conflict within you? Because this world is but a reflection of what we feel inside. You will see that often when you take time to heal yourself, and come to peace within, the external situation seems to heal as well, as if by magic.

It reminds me of what Archangel Gabriel said to me when 2015 was ending —

“The world is not happening to you. You are happening to your world” ~ Archangel Gabriel through Swati Nigam.Tweet:

angel card reading You are encouraged to follow the guidance of your heart this week. Temper it with the wisdom of your head, but do listen to what your heart says. Listen to what your intuition says. Towards the end of the week, you might feel like you are soaring in the skies. It could be really beautiful feelings because of someone who is really close to your heart — either platonically or romantically. You will be very emotional, but in a good way.

This person who enters your life is someone you can trust. This person is important in your life, and this relationship can cause beautiful changes in your life. For some of you it might mean getting engaged or married. Or at the least you will find commitment in this relationship. If you have been waiting for a soulmate relationship, ask Archangel Raphael to help you.

You might need to make an important decision. And if you feel conflicted between two choices, listen to your gut feeling, your emotions, your heart. If you feel unsure, take your time to weigh both sides, and decide only when you feel totally comfortable with the decision, and what the outcome of the decision will be.

This week, interestingly, despite the “Lovers” card, also has some “parting energy”. You might part ways with a person or a situation. No matter what, this is for your good.

If you have been feeling under the weather, this week brings energy of good health. That’s great, because I have been hearing about many people sick with the flu or cold or cough. And it seems to be going on all over the world. So I’m happy to know that the energy is changing, and people can look forward to getting well.

Have a happy week!


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