Angel Reading

How was your last week? To me and most others I know, it felt like the “quiet time” extended through the week. And it was not limited to just the first part of the week. Personally I feel like the quiet time is kind of ending now, and I’m ready for action. How do you feel?

Angel Reading

I feel that the quiet time from last week is slowly opening up, and we are getting ready for fun at work, as well as with friends. It doesn’t feel like a sudden party like opening, but rather opening the door slowly and letting life in little by little. You might not be in a mood to be with many people, but as you let in a few closest people back into your energy, you will feel you are enjoying a peaceful, beautiful time with them.

You might also get a visit from your past. Either old friends will show up and bring great warmth to you heart, or you will feel a pull towards your past. You might want to re-visit the past, or bring the beautiful memories and people from your past into your life again. Don’t be surprised if romantic relations from the past re-surface too.

Relationships from the past might be rekindled. If you have been feeling a little lost, connecting with old friends will bring back the joy and connection.

You might meet someone new who will become a really good friend instantly because you both have had past life connections.

At the least, you might find yourself thinking about old times, friends from the past, and those memories will help you. Make sure though that you don’t imagine the past to be rosier than it was. See it as it really was – the good, the bad, and the boring.

Angel ReadingMid week will bring an energy of relief because whatever has been holding you back from living fully starts to part ways with you. This really is the light at the end of the tunnel.

If health issues have been holding you back, then health gets better. I hope you did listen to your body and gave it enough rest last week.

If things were feeling stuck at work, that will end and you will forge your way ahead.

If you were just feeling like a recluse, then that too is coming to an end.

Any situation that had you feeling worried or stuck will end very soon.

Happier, fun times are on their way to you! It almost feels like a new day has dawned. So step forward with the changes, and leave the recent past and its stress behind. Start making new plans. If you need help with this, please do ask your angels or anyone you trust.

The energy also brings changes like relocation or travel soon enough. So be ready for that.

Angel ReadingThe changes that are coming into your life are good, but often people feel a sadness when a phase comes to an end. Remember that you have the strength to go through any change.

Face your feelings honestly. How do you feel? If a situation has made you feel less than thrilled, take the time to be kind enough to yourself to see it all honestly. And accept your emotions. Feelings don’t have to be logical all the time. Accept how you feel, no matter what you feel. And if forgiveness is needed here, make sure you do forgive — yourself or someone else. This will help in the changes that are coming in your life be even more pleasant. You truly are stronger than you think you are!

If there is a challenge this week, know that you can overcome it with strength, compassion, sensitivity, forgiveness and confidence.

You are ready to move forward to the new dawn. The sun is setting on the recent past. Your guides and angels are eager to move forward with you.

Have a beautiful week!

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