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Weekly Angel Reading:

Hello! 😀 And wish you a happy new week. The angel reading for this week looks a little mixed energy-wise. Mostly the energy seems good, except you might feel you are doing too many things, and feel tired. So let’s dive right in and see what the angels have to say.

angel reading

This week you are supported by the energy and enthusiasm of following your dreams. If you have already been doing so, continue with your work as the energy supports you this week. If you haven’t started, start already. 🙂 The Universe can only present us with the energy. But the work needs to be done by us, to make things happen.

If you have been feeling scared about following your dreams, wondering – will it work or will it not, one thing is for sure — if you do nothing, it will really not work. 🙂 So take that step and dive in. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this life, but to make anything happen, we need to have the courage to take the steps. And this week you are even supported by the general energy on earth regarding life purpose, dreams etc.

This week has the potential to present some good opportunities to you. Life could be adventurous, in a good way. This opportunity could be the very thing you have been hoping for, praying for. Now when it appears, please do not shy away from it thinking you are not ready to take it on, or are not worthy enough, because you are worthy, and you are capable.

This week you might even meet someone who can be very helpful to you in making your dreams a reality.

So be ready to take a chance and do what you have been dreaming of doing.

angel reading

While you are caught up in all the excitement, enthusiasm, make sure that you are not over worked. There is a big chance that you might end up taking on too much. Balance is the key.

Some might be too afraid to take on the opportunities given to them this week, while some might get too carried away, and take too much on. Do not do either. Multi-tasking might not be a great idea. Focus. Take up only what you know you can complete without getting depleted. Take a look at all you are planning to do. Can you delegate some of that to others? Or can you re-create that to-do list so that it is distributed over a longer period of time?

Also make sure you have fun. Being overworked and stressed is not going to help you accomplish much. The old saying of “slow and steady wins the race” still holds good. Especially this week. So don’t make this week all about work. Take the time to have fun.

The keyword “balance” also applied to your finances. Make sure you are using and saving your resources just right. If you are making any changes in your career, make sure the decision is not an impulsive one. Don’t keep hanging on forever, but make an informed decision. If you want, take the help of people you trust in making all decisions about career this week.

If theangel readingre was a troublesome, stressful situation you were going through, there is a huge chance this situation is going to end soon.

Sometimes even the end of something that is not right for you, brings sadness. And it is alright to feel sad. End of a cycle can leave us with sad feelings.

However, you can rest assured that anything that ends now or ends soon will only usher in a time of joy and wonderful opportunities. Watch and see what ends. And if it does happen, remind yourself of this reading and what the angels said — that this is for your good. Some of you have actually seen this coming. You knew it will end. And it does. Even if you didn’t want it to end, if it ends, it was meant to be, and for your own good. Finally, you are only going to feel relief from this.

It’s time to let go of what you have been holding on to because of fear of change. Or even because you had convinced yourself that you actually liked this situation, and that is why you didn’t want it to end.

Have faith, something new and wonderful is coming up on the horizon. This new thing could be the very thing we talked about in the beginning — following your passion finally, getting the exciting opportunities finally. This last card actually reminds me of the book “I Lost My Job, and I Liked it”. Actually I have heard this happen to many others. They lost their job, they were sad, fearful, upset, but finally they decided to end all that, and focus on following their passion. And that very step ended up making their lives! Same goes with relationships. Sometimes we hold on to relationships that are not right for us. We keep convincing ourselves that this is right, it’s good for us, even when we are dying on the inside. And once that relationship ends, you feel free…and you end up living a much better life.

Keep all of this in mind – it’s all heading towards better.

Have a great week!!


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