Angel Reading

I know that many of you were waiting for the weekly angel reading last week. But I wasn’t well. Looks like many people were facing various kinds of illness – especially flu-like symptoms. Last week was also a time of pause in our lives. But this week it looks like things are getting back to normal. Especially with career.

Please note that these weekly readings are general energy conditions that will be available to most people, and suggestions by the angels on what you can do to do well this week. You need to actively participate in your life by being proactive about your life to bring about positive changes. For example, if the weekly angel reading says there is a great possibility of career advancement, it means if you make efforts in your career, your efforts will be successful. But for this to happen, you need to take actions guided by your intuition, intellect, and wisdom. Action on our part is important. These are not personalized readings.

Angel ReadingThe week starts with a bang. Don’t worry – a good bang. Everything suddenly starts to feel better and lighter. If things were on hold last week, now is the time for forward movement. Every area of your life will do better at this time – provided you give it your attention.

Anything you pay attention to, give your time to, will flourish. Whether it is your child, your plants, or your animals. You seem to have a magical touch at this time.

Family life will be pleasant. If you are a parent, you will be happy about the happenings in your children’s lives. For some this time might be good for getting pregnant.

Creativity and creative work will be rewarded. Finances will do better.

It is time to enjoy your life. Please know that you deserve all good in your life.

Please take care of your health…nurture your body. Pamper yourself. If you have not been feeling well, this week, you can expect to feel healthier much easier than before. Move your body…choose a form of exercise you enjoy doing – be it yoga, walking, skating, dancing, swimming – anything that you enjoy. Eat well, get massages. Do anything you can at this time to make your body feel better.

Angel ReadingMid-week continues the happy theme. Continue to focus on doing things that make you feel better. Make sure you take time to relax, and get some beautifully nurturing “me-time”. Spend time in nature. You have been working hard, and it is time to be rewarded for it all.

If you want to re-do the interiors of your home, now is a good time. In fact it is time to do anything artistic.

If you have been toying with the idea of starting your own business, go ahead and work at it, because this time rewards self-reliance and self-employment. Spending time alone in peace will bring you good ideas for business.

This week’s energy is good for finances. So make sure to pay attention to your business and career. Your attention to your work, and any efforts in this direction will be rewarded.


Angel Reading

The end of this week finishes with a bang too – good one. 🙂 There is a good possibility of getting a wonderful opportunity for your job or business. So go out and do something that will put you in its path. If you need to apply for a job, now is the time. If you get an interview, most probably it will go well — go with a positive, happy, confident frame of mind. Network with people who can be helpful.

There is a good possibility for job offers, promotions, and finding jobs/opportunities that make your soul sing.

Pay attention to creative and innovative ideas. They will serve you well for your career. Be confident about the choices you make, because the Universe supports any adventure you take on boldly and fearlessly.

This is a good time to bring about beautiful changes in your life — health, relationships, finances or career. A really good time to turn over a new leaf. I know what the angels mean by this in my life — it is to pay attention to eating healthy & exercising. 🙂 What do you feel you need to change in your life? 🙂

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