Angel Reading

Last week I was down with flu, so I couldn’t do the weekly angel reading. Flu is on the mend, and I am back with the angels. 🙂

Angel ReadingThe week begins with very supportive energy that helps with whatever it is you wish to do – as long as it is what you truly desire to do. There will be opportunities to advance in your career, avocation, or relationships. You will have fun, excitement, and adventure. The opportunity given to you is what you have been longing to do. You might not feel confident, but remember, you are fully capable of taking on this next step.

The energy seems very similar to the past few weeks – very favorable. If you haven’t yet achieved what you have wanted to, don’t worry, because this week also helps in getting the opportunity you have wanted. Make sure that you have confidence in yourself, and you keep stepping forward. Remember that the Universe can only provide the favorable currents. But you need to confidently go ahead and take what is being given to you. Without your taking that step, even the favorable energy might not be enough. Be willing to take the challenge.

You might meet someone who will be helpful to you.

Angel ReadingMid week continues to offer you support. You will need to take charge. You will need to step up and be a leader.

If there is any confusion, meet and get advice from someone who is skilled in the area where you need most help.

You will feel inspired. Pay attention to the ideas you will be getting this coming week. They are divinely inspired. So take action on them. If you need help with ideas, call upon Archangel Uriel to help you get inspiration. If you are feeling stuck and do not know what step to take next, close your eyes, center yourself, and ask Archangel Uriel to shed light on your path. You might get answers suddenly, as if out of nowhere.

The angels ask you to be very organized about your life and the steps you take. Use your creativity, as well as logic to help you make good decisions. This itself might help a lot in helping you brings your dreams to life. A really good time for career & business.

Angel ReadingEnd of the week is time to focus on your emotions. Your intuition is going to guide you through your feelings, so notice how you feel. If you are unable to make a decision between two or more paths, take time to imagine yourself in each scenario one by one, and notice the feelings you get, especially in your body – do you feel light, or do you tense up? This will help you make the choice. Your psychic senses are particularly heightened at this time.

A project or a person might enter your life that totally sweeps you off your feet. In a good way. You will fall in love. If the project or person is already in your life then good communication will help you. If it is a project, you will get better success. If it is a person, the feelings of romance will deepen.

If a new person is coming into your life, the person might be sweet, gentle, and easy to understand. The person is demonstrative of his or her feelings. If this is not about romance, you will make a new friend, or spend time with a really good friend.

So the energy is very similar to what it has been from the last few weeks — good for career, as well as relationships.

How have you been doing? Have a beautiful week! 😀

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