Angel Reading

Weekly Angel Reading:

The angel reading this week seems to be all about your career or business, and despite a few hiccups, this week seems to good news for your work!

Angel Reading

Early in the week:

Really supportive energy for people who have been trying to improve their career or business this week. If you have been trying to do things uniquely your way, you will be pleased with the outcome. The more you walk your own path, the better the energy supports you. Be creative, be original, be yourself. Be courageous, and do your best to not walk the well beaten path just because it feels safe. Take the chance and do your own thing.

If there are any delays, do not feel discouraged. Carry on with your work, and you will be rewarded. Do not let naysayers plant doubts in your mind. They might mean well, they might be worried about you. But blazing your own path will only set an example for others, so do what you know is right for you.

You might find people whose skills & interests complement yours. If you do, then do consider entering into a joint-venture or partnership with them. At the very least, you could help each other out in your business ventures or career advancement. Cooperative efforts bring better results at this time.

In all, the energy is more about great potential showing up now – you will make good decisions, which will bear good results in future.

Angel Reading


Around mid-week you will find you are deep into all you started. And you need to keep the pace up. You might have an event or two that might feel like blocks on your way. The way out is by thinking of creative, new solutions. The energy of following a unique path continues. Do not let these obstacles make you retrace your steps to try and go back to where you were.

The creative solution you seek will need to come from a joining of your creative right brain, and the intellect & reasoning of your left brain. Do not favor one over the other, but use your creativity, intuition, and your logical reasoning to come up with solutions. This will be the most effective way of solving any problems at this time.

Take time to review each choice you have to make the best decision. Try and not be impulsive at this time.

Angel Reading

End of the week:

Towards the end of the week you might get some great new opportunity for your career or business. If you are looking for a job, there is a good chance you will get a job that you really like. And if you are a business owner, you will have inspiring, exciting new ideas & opportunities to take your business further.

It is an adventurous time in your life, so embrace the adventures that your soul wants you to follow. You might get inspiring new ideas at this time for your career, business or life. They could be life changing, so pay serious attention to them. The end of the week feels like your life is opening up. Whatever you want to change about your life now, you will be supported by the energy to do this successfully.

The end of this week might feel like you have a new chance, a new & beautiful path in life, business or career. Go for it!

Have a beautiful week!! 😀

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