Angel Reading 8th May 2016

First of all, I wish all the mothers a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. This includes pet mommies, because some of our most adored kids are our pets. 😀

Angel Reading 8thMay2106 A 13179311_10154097939292660_4938161444174083241_nThis card that I got for the beginning of the week is continuing the same energy from the end of last week. We began the process of letting go at the end of the week, and the process continues to the beginning of this week. For me some past hurts had re-emerged, and I needed to let go of that, and even as I write this, I continue the process.

Sometimes letting go can be hard. Not only because you don’t want to let go, but even the process of feeling it so we can release it can be painful. However this situation that you are dealing with will surely help you grow stronger when you let go. There will be much peace as you really truly let go of the people or situation that are serving you no good. And sometimes it is not about who is right and who is wrong. Sometimes it is just about a situation, and you know you need to move past it.

Know that Archangel Michael is helping you as you heal. You can call upon his strength anytime, and the mighty angel will enfold you within his loving wings. You do not have to face it alone. Share your challenge with someone you love and trust. This person can be your family, friend, your angel, or sometimes it is an angelic stranger you might meet who will help you heal this burden.

Forgive the person who has hurt you. Forgive yourself for stepping into this situation. Remember, your forgiveness will heal your heart and help you let go, and create peace in your heart.

Sometimes understanding the higher purpose of this situation helps, so ask your angels to show you why this happened, and how you can grow from it. One of the biggest reasons our soul chooses such situations is, to evolve and grow stronger. Think, how your highest version, your highest self will react to it?

Angel Reading 8thMay2016 B 13179311_10154097939292660_4938161444174083241_nAround mid-week, the energy lightens up, especially if you have worked towards healing and letting go earlier. Your emotions will be sunnier, and you might get a lovely opportunity at work or school. Or even elsewhere. Look for this opportunity and own it with both your hands.

If you are a student, you will do well. You might even receive scholarships. And if you are thinking about training in some new field, that too will go well.

You will receive good advice from someone you can trust. Whatever has been challenging you will ease up and solutions will appear around this problem.

You might get interested in something entirely new. This could be a hobby, or it could be something related to your work, or both. So keep an eye on where your heart is leading you.

Angel Reading 8thMay2016 C 10620668_10154097939297660_7797536442844244241_nThe solutions that started to appear mid week continue towards the end of the week. You will find creative solutions to whatever issue has been confounding you.

Some of the best ways to find solutions at this time is to find a balance in your life. If you have been procrastinating, know that while it is great to relax and weigh the pros and cons, and to do your research, action is also needed in equal measure. On the other hand if you have been just working, working, working, take time to relax as well. When you bring balance into your life, and center yourself, you will often find that solutions appear as if by themselves.

Have patience, and work with peace in your mind that whatever you are working towards will happen…all it needs is some time, and your diligence.

Ask for different points of view for the issue at hand. It will be very helpful to have different points of view.

Also, if forgiveness is needed in this situation, then go ahead and forgive. If you are feeling like you can’t forgive, then remember, forgiveness is for your own peace of mind. You could also try and imagine what it might be to be in someone else’s shoes (even the one who need to forgive). And that different perspective might help you understand their behavior. Forgiving does not mean you condone their actions. It simply means you have untied yourself from it all, and are no longer willing to suffer from the actions of another. Forgiveness means you are setting yourself free.

Have a fabulous, peaceful, healing week. Much love to you all!

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