Weekly Angel Reading

Hello! How is Mercury Retrograde treating you? I know there have been some endings for many last week – jobs, relationships etc. And not all endings have been bad. For some, they have only brought relief. The ones that did not want this ending and are hurting, I pray with all my soul that what you lost will come back to you healed, and in a much higher vibration. I do wish you happiness.

With that, let us begin next week’s reading. I have set all three cards together right in the beginning. If you cannot see all three cards in your mobile phone, you will see the third one off the screen to the right :).




Right off the bat, I can see from these cards that there are going to be some crazy ups and downs in the energy. Which means awesome at some times, totally off at another. And add some magical manifestation energy to the mix, and we have the recipe for a very eventful week ahead.

As the first card shows, there is great potential for us to feel really charged, pumped up, ready for action. There will be times when you will feel invincible. Nothing can stop you. You will be full of courage, passion, and will have the drive to get things done.

Make sure you take full advantage of this energy when it hits you. And if you have any pending work, projects etc. get working on them! Actually, this still being Mercury Retrograde time, it is a fabulous time to work on incomplete projects. Not a great time to start something new. Not a great time to start a new job, sign a new contract or start a new relationship, but, if you have projects that you have been procrastinating on, jump right in and complete it.

But try not to get carried away by the passion and drive and jump into something totally new. Be cautious about anything new you want to start. Take this week to really think about it, not because it is negative, but because the Mercury Retrograde energy combined with the Knight of Gabriel energy can bring about a short-term life to the project/job/relationship if you do not proceed cautiously. So take your time if there is something new coming your way, and do the thinking/research so well, that by the end of this month when you are ready to commit to it, the energy is much more stable, and all will go well.

And if you must start something new this week, ask the Divine to help and guide you so that all goes well for all concerned.

This card also sometimes means you will meet someone who is courageous, confident, passionate, romantic. Could also be impulsive and charismatic. This could also be you! 🙂

With the second card, we get into the magical manifestation energy swing of the week. Be careful what you wish for. Because seriously…it just might come true. When this energy hits, you will feel like your dreams are coming true. Things you have been waiting for, hoping and praying for might just start to manifest in your life. So make a wish. And make your wish with all of your heart and soul…bringing all of you happy feelings into it. Joy is an energy of very high vibration. Sometimes, Divine Joy is even more effective than Love in healing things, and in making magical stuff happen. It can wipe away negativity in a flood of laughter, and the very happy feelings pave way for the Universe to work its magic and bring your dreams to you.

After the past few strange weeks, I think we all need this magical manifestation energy. It is a welcome break.

However…yes, there is the “however”. You know – that last card I was trying to ignore? Yes, that one. That speaks of the weird energy that will sometimes knock you down. It is not a totally sad-feeling energy. But it is a crazy one. You will need to be very careful about your decisions because you might feel very inclined sometimes to do things that you might regret. You might find yourself worrying, and drowning yourself in depths of crazy-making thoughts. And THIS can totally kill the magical energy that card 2 speaks of. This also speaks of addictions — to drugs, alcohol, relationships, habits etc.

IMPORTANT: And so here is how we can use the angel readings to help us: We already know that we might be in a worrying-mood now and then. We also know that we will have energy and drive. And we know that manifestation energy is high. We also know that the passion, drive, manifesting energy will all go to waste if we let ourselves drown in the card 3 energy.

So remind yourself of what you read here, and totally and powerfully refocus your mind towards something that will make you happy when you see your moods heading south. Or do something that will make you laugh uncontrollably.

  1. What are some of the things that can make you very happy?
  2. Who are the people whose mere presence lights you up like bright sunlight?
  3. What makes you laugh till your stomach hurts?

THESE are your tools to navigate this week. Whenever you see yourself dipping into low vibration, reach out for something you mentioned in your answers above. The biggest lesson from this week’s energy is: Do not be impulsive, and DO everything possible to stay happy and in high vibration.

Be Happy!

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