Weekly Angel Reading

We are heading out of Mercury Retrograde now. It ended on the 19th (yesterday). But then there is a shadow period. So you might feel a few after effects till around the 27th of this month.

However….you can start to breathe now because we are getting out of this mode, and this is AWESOME news!! Life will start to move ahead. All the things that seemed to be going crazy will magically start to behave. 🙂 So yes, you may breathe. 🙂 Mars is still retrograde. But Mercury Retrograde causes most havoc with communications, travels, electronics etc.

Let us now see what the general energy is like this week, and how we can do our best with the given energy.

I have placed all three cards below. To see a card clearly, click on and it will open up into a new tab so you can see the picture clearly, and read the words there clearly.




The first card itself begins with great news. We have the energy of celebration and fun here. The last few weeks have been intense, and Mercury Retrograde ended. I think that itself is cause for celebration, don’t you think? 🙂

There might be fun social gatherings you will attend. Or just meeting up with friends and family and having a good time together. You could be celebrating someone’s achievements or weddings, birthdays, good news.

I am actually returning from a party tonight. 🙂 The whole day I had a lovely time with my cousins. And tomorrow too we are together. I am hoping you’re having a good time as well.

For some of you, this could be a time of dreams and wishes being fulfilled. And if you have been working very hard, then do make time to relax, and have fun. Like I said in the beginning, we can breathe now. Or at least begin to. 🙂

Some of us might be traveling or making plans to travel. Could even be a short trip. It will be for a pleasure. And if it is for business purposes, you will still end up having a good time.

Take time to appreciate the people who love you and care for you. We often get so busy with our work and the daily grind that we forget how blessed we are because of our loved ones’ presence in our lives. The past few weeks have been taxing. When you relax and unwind in the company of those you love, you will de-stress, you will feel blessed, and will find a renewed energy for life.

If you have been dealing with ill-health, then there are very good chances that you will feel good soon.

We are still in the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, and Mars is still retrograde. So we are not completely out of the confusion-energy. So be cautious about business dealings, contracts etc. If you have any doubts about any person, or any details, please double check. No, triple check. There are chances of deception, or of just plain mistakes by someone, or by you. Or there could be someone or some situation in your life where things are not as they seem. Sometimes this could be something serious. And sometimes it could simply mean someone is not showing their true feelings to others. For example, someone might care deeply for another, might even be in love, but is showing that they are indifferent. And they could be doing this any reason – they feel shy, scared, nervous, or the situation is such that they cannot show their feelings. Or, someone is showing another that they care, but do not really have good intentions.

Keep your valuables safely, so you don’t lose them, and so there is no chance of theft.

There is a situation here which could be handled better. If you see card 2, you will see it shows 2 paths. One is dimmed, and the other is lit up, bright and beautiful. Archangel Michael is showing the way to the brighter path. If you are making a decision, or are confused about a situation, do ask your angels and guides to show you signs about what path is better for you. Follow your inner guidance, and you should be OK.

As long as you check every detail carefully, DO make courageous and bold choices. We had to lie low in the last few weeks because there was much confusion in the energy. But now we can begin to look forward. We have been feeling as if the pause button was pressed in many areas of our lives. Now you can press “play” once again.

An important relationship or partnership might be entering your life. This is a person or a group of people who are like-minded, and you share the same values and vision for life. This could be a business partnership, or friendships, or even new love.

A decision might have to be made, and your best bet is to follow your inner guidance. See the picture on card 3. The person in the middle is looking away from Archangel Gabriel and looks a little unsure/unhappy. If he turns towards the angel, he will be divinely guided and will feel better. What this picture really means is we have Divine Guidance available to us. When we are confused, we should look within and ask God/Inner Voice/Guardian Angel/Intuition for guidance, and we will be on the right path.

On the whole, the energy seems a lot better than before. So good times ahead!


  1. Time is favorable to relax, de-stress, and enjoy the company of loved ones. If you make time to do this, you will end up feeling a lot better. Time for celebration, dreams coming true.
  2. Be extra cautious with valuables, documents, contracts etc. And if you have any doubts about the intentions of a person or the correctness of any plan or contract, check, and check again. Better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?
  3. You might find yourself at a crossroads or might need to make a decision. You will do best if you consult your Inner Guidance.
  4. If life has been feeling paused, be bold & courageous, and make things move forward, because now they will.
  5. An important partnership/relationship might enter your life.

Have a GREAT week!!

Much love,

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