Weekly Angel Reading

Hello! Happy new week! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Last week has been stressful, even if most of the troubles were “in the thoughts” as the last reading said. It was a time of endings and some heartaches. I even sent out the stress lowering video on Friday because of what so many of us were facing.

And this is important (MERCURY RETROGRADE):

Remember that this is Mercury Retrograde time. It started around the 26th of July and will end around the 20th of August. But there are days of pre-shadow before it starts, and days of post shadow after it ends. Therefore its effects will be for a longer duration.

During this period, communications will be affected. Electronics, phones, laptops, internet…and sadly communication with people will be adversely affected. There will be misunderstandings, as there were last week. THINK twice, thrice, four times before you speak or act, if you don’t want to be apologizing, because Mercury Retrograde brings with it increased chances of conflicts, arguments, misunderstandings and accidents.

If you see that someone seems hurt or upset with you, do make the effort to ask them, and then hear them out with your heart, not your head. Then speak your truth with all your heart. Ask the angels to help you clear the misunderstandings. If you are hesitating to approach them, ask yourself, “Does this person matter more, or does my ego matter more to me?”  And you will know what to do.

During Mercury Retrograde, any time you get mad or see someone else getting mad, or see a misunderstanding, always always always remind yourself that this is MERCURY RETROGRADE. These things will happen during this time. So the best approach is approaching the matter with your heart. Get out of your head, and into your heart. Do you love this person? Do you care for this person? Do you want this person to remain in your life? If you answer is yes, let your heart lead you. Because the miscommunications during this time often sadly put an end to very beautiful things. Just keep that in mind.

And with that, let us begin the angel reading for this week.







So this time I decided to put all the cards up there together. And I decided to pull out a 4th card because the 3rd card was the same as the 1st one.

This does tell a very clear story.

This week is about endings and new beginnings. And now I know why I was guided to write the first paragraph about Mercury Retrograde and relationships. The cards tell me why.

This week many of us will be seeing changes in relationships. Now even though the cards themselves speak of romantic relationships, what this really means is relationships and situations of all kinds – romance, family, friends, work-related partnerships, colleagues, jobs, career options, hobbies, change in life paths. Whatever it is, it will be important to your heart.

A relation or partnership or situation that means a lot to you will transform in a big way. If you are not careful, it might even end. And for some, an ending is what is needed. But if you are sure you do not want to end this, make sure you work towards healing it. Clear any misunderstandings or misconceptions there might be.

For some of you, it will be wiser to heal this situation, and work towards transforming it in such a way, that it comes back to you much better than before. As the first card says, this is not the time to give up on those you love. When you work with this person or situation, makes sure to work from your heart. Both of you communicate from your hearts, and together you will create something beautiful.

For some of you, it is time to let go of this old situation. Maybe you are holding on because you have got used to being in this way, and it feels safe for you to remain this way – for financial reasons, or legal reasons, or family pressure. Change can be intimidating. But you might need to release a relationship or a job or a situation because your heart is really not into it anymore. You are holding on only because of safety and security reasons. You are asked to follow your heart now. Release this person or job or house, so that they go to their highest partner, employee, family. For example, sometimes we stay in relationships because it feels safe to do so. Or because we feel we might hurt the person if we leave. But the fact is, if your heart is not into them, they deserve to be with someone who loves them with all their hearts. And it is the same with a job. You might be holding on to a job even though your heart is not into it because you are afraid to let go. When you let go, this job might go to someone who loves doing this work.

And when you let go of this relationship or job or situation, you will soon have a new love/new job in your life. If this is a new person, they will be your highest partner on earth at this time — your primary soulmate or Twinflame. The reason many primary soulmates and Twinflames are coming together is to raise the vibration of our planet earth. They come together not just for a great relationship, but also because they have a joint mission together. So think about that. If an old relationship ends, you are meant to be with a soulmate who is closest to you. You might feel as if they are part of your own soul. And together, you will fulfill a higher mission – a path that is greater than the two of you individually.

If this is your work situation, if this one ends, you will soon have a new opportunity that will be very much in line with what you love doing, something that will make your heart soar! This work will be more in line with your primary soul purpose.

Finally, this time is about courage, about faith, and about GREAT DIVINE LOVE. This great divine love can be your current partnership healed and transformed, or a new relationship – your Primary Soulmate or Twinflame. This great divine love can be your new job/career which is your life purpose. And this change is about a mission greater than you. It is what you have incarnated for.

Celebrate your heart this week. Follow your heart. For it will lead you to great joy and love.


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