IMPORTANT: This is a general reading. Many many many people read this, so everything cannot resonate with everyone. Take what resonates, and let go of what does not. The best way always is to get a personalized reading. You can ask an Angel Reader to do a reading for you, OR even better – learn to do the readings yourself. Form your own connection to your Angels and to your intuition/your inner voice.

You can do the following to form your own connection:

1. Join my FREE Facebook Coaching group where I am uploading free lessons on angels, and instructions on how to connect with your angels. In this group, I will reply to your questions on these topics to help you learn to connect with your own angels. Go to, click JOIN and answer a few questions that pop up and I will add you there. Start working on the Units already posted from Unit 1.


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GENERAL ENERGY OF THE WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly)

ANGEL ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO TO BE HAPPY (click on each card to see it clearly)


I can’t believe we are already at the end of 2018! Seriously, I feel we just started 2018, and we are already at the end. Does every year seem to go faster than the year before? What do you feel?

The three cards for the energy of the last week of 2018 don’t surprise me. Somehow this is the energy that we feel at the end of the year. It’s the Holiday Season, we meet loved ones, and we get ready to start new chapters in our lives, we have many thoughts & ideas for the new year, and we hope to move towards calmer waters in the new year. And the 3 cards sing us this story. A beautiful story of fun, hope, and positivity.

This week we will be socializing (surprise! LOL!). But the beautiful part of this is, there is a good chance of getting in touch with friends/family we haven’t met for a while. There is also a great chance of reconciliation with someone from your past.

For the romantic relationships, a very close soulmate or twin flame will be coming back into your life. Or someone you have spent many past lives with will return to your life.

You could also make really wonderful new friends.

Are there some deep-rooted beliefs, habits that have been holding you back from progressing in life? This is a good time to work on letting them go now and step into the new year as a person who has broken free of these long-held limitations.

If you have been confused about something, the confusion will be cleared this week. If someone has been withholding some truth from you, that truth will come to light. And if you are the one who has been keeping a truth hidden, think about it, because it might be a good time to bring everything to light. It can clear a lot of misunderstandings.

You might be receiving beautiful ideas & insights from the Divine this week regarding your life, relationships, work, life path etc. So take notes. They will be very helpful in moving forward in this coming new year.

This is also a great time to clear any communication problems with others. Often things left unsaid can fester a lot of problems. It will be wonderful to clean the slate of misunderstandings before this year ends. A new year brings in a lot of fresh new energy. We should do our part too in clearing away all that has caused miscommunications so that our relationships are much smoother.

And finally, if you have been feeling stuck between decisions, and choices then make sure you take time to make a firm decision before you step into 2019. A situation you are in might feel complicated. If you take time to explore & research methodically, you will understand what the right/joyful/soulful course of action will be.

Take the help of your intuition, and temper it with your intellect. You will make the right decision. Do not procrastinate.

There will be a need to detox, naturally, after all the Holiday eating. 🙂


  1. Do not procrastinate.
  2. Clear misunderstandings with people.
  3. Make a list of things you wish to let go of, and do whatever you like doing for letting go. I usually use EFT tapping, or write a letter and burn it.  If you need help in letting go of any beliefs, habits, people, or anything else, please write down in the comments below. And I will create free EFT tapping videos to help you with this process.
  4. Make a list of things you wish to accomplish in 2019. Work on manifesting them, because the manifesting energy is strong at this time. You could use affirmations, scripting, visualization, vision boards along with taking action towards your dreams.
  5. A beautiful opportunity might come your way – something or someone you are very passionate about. When this happens (or if it has already happened, DO step through that door, because it a chance of a lifetime.
  6. Situations, relationships that have caused you nothing but pain need to be let go of. This is a great time to let go of all that and move forward in your life towards calmer waters.
  7. If a chance to relocate or travel comes up, think about taking it up, because it will bring you joy.



Write down below in comments:

    1. 3 things you are grateful for that 2018 brought you.
    2. 3 things you want to let go of.
    3. 3 things you want to manifest in 2019.



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