IMPORTANT: This is a general reading. Many many many people read this, so everything cannot resonate with everyone. Take what resonates, and let go of what does not. The best way always is to get a personalized reading. You can ask an Angel Reader to do a reading for you, OR even better – learn to do the readings yourself. Form your own connection to your Angels and to your intuition/your inner voice.

GENERAL ENERGY OF THE WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly)

ANGEL ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO TO BE HAPPY (click on each card to see it clearly)


Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are! 🙂 How is life treating you? And how are YOU treating life? Think of it, the second question is more important, isn’t it, we being powerful co-creators and all that? 🙂 I hope from these readings, the MOST important thing that you take is, if something doesn’t look right, you turn your thoughts & energy around powerfully so that you steer your life towards happiness. And I hope you take all steps to be happy. When we each take care of our own happiness, together we create a happier world, don’t we? These readings, even though they talk about what kind of energy might be available to us, should not be taken as fortune telling or future telling. Because if you accept future as “written in stone”, you are disempowering yourself. You are a powerful child of God, and these readings are only meant to help you decide what kind of actions you need to take this week so you can create the life YOU want.

On that note, let us begin.

The Universe has been very focused on getting us focused on matters of our hearts from the last few weeks. This week doesn’t seem too different.

Pay attention to the topics in your life that currently are most important to your heart. Is it a person, a project, a career? Whatever occupies the center stage of your heart needs your focus, and you have the support of the Universe too. Many of you will see happy changes or experiences in these areas of your life. Some of you have actually been waiting for an experience as precious and as beautiful as this.

Some of you will be making your romantic connections stronger. Some might get engaged or married. For many, it might just mean taking your relationship to a higher level.

You might also have a decision to make, and it might be a difficult decision because neither option seems like an obvious clear-cut choice. If that is the case, imagine both scenarios one by one, pretending you have made that decision, and then notice what you feel in your body. Which scenario feels more joyful? Which one makes you feel lighter, happier?

For some who have been struggling with health, your health will start to improve. Take steps towards feeling happier, eat right, meditate, de-stress, move your body, and you will help the process of getting back to health.

This week also brings the opportunity of victory, of success. If there was a project you had been working on, you can expect it to be successful. At work, you could be getting an award or recognition, or promotion. This is a time of dreams coming true.

This victory could also be in relationships. A really happy change in your relationships. You might feel really really happy about something soon. 🙂 I’d love it if you share your joy with me below in comments. <3

If you have been needing help with something, you might find just the right person who can help you! They will not do all the work for you but listen to the advice they give you because their advice will point you towards a dramatically easier path.

The Universe is also calling for a major de-cluttering effort on your part. What part of your life is cluttered? Home? Workspace? Too many people who are only adding stress to your life? Too many random thoughts that you are unable to control and those maddening thoughts are driving you crazy?

It is time to cut out all that from your life which is not bringing you happiness. Cut out anything that is not serving you well in your highest path.

Write down below what is it that you need to declutter, and make it your aim to follow through this week. And when you are done, come back and write below that you did it. I would love to hear from you. I need to declutter a lot from my home, so I will be working on that. Tell me about you.


  1. Meditate, pray, take time to go within. Take time to bring peace to your life.
  2. Take time to figure out what is it that you want from life really.
  3. If pause in action is needed, pause.
  4. Be patient with yourself and with others.
  5. Learn how to connect with your angels (read below how you can join my group for free coaching).
  6. Try and remember your dreams, your guides and angels will be communicating with you through your dreams. Many of these messages might be about your life path.
  7. Declutter your life: home, work, chores, relationships, thoughts…whatever needs cleaning up. Cut out what is not good for you or your life path.
  8. Deal with things with a sense of humor. If you stop taking yourself too seriously, and learn to laugh at yourself, the situation, you will feel lighter, and will find solutions much quicker.
  9. Follow your instincts.
  10. Make sure you have fun.
  11. Be confident.

Have a GREAT week folks! And don’t forget to do the Gratitude Challenge. 🙂 Write down below 3 things you are grateful for. And please write down 3 things every day. If you do this diligently every day, you will notice how you start to change your life around beautifully!

And if you are interested in joining my free coaching group on Facebook to learn about angels, and how to communicate with angels:

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Much love,

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