Hi! How did last week treat you? Last week was about endings, letting go of past, new beginnings. And I did have some endings. But the best part was a FABULOUS new beginning in another area of my life. What about you?

IMPORTANT: This is a general reading. Many many many people read this, so everything cannot resonate with everyone. Take what resonates, and let go of what does not. The best way always is to get a personalized reading. You can ask an Angel Reader to do a reading for you, OR even better – learn to do the readings yourself. Form your own connection to your Angels.

That said, let us jump into this week’s reading. The FIRST ROW of 3 CARDS is about the general energy update – what kind of energy can we expect to face this week. The SECOND ROW of 3 CARDS is about the advice our angels give us to be happy this week. The written angel reading is BELOW BOTH ROWS of CARDS.

THE KIND OF GENERAL ENERGY TO EXPECT THIS WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly):

ANGEL ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO TO BE HAPPY THIS WEEK (click on each card to see it clearly):


We are being called to be both practical, as well as become one with forces of nature this week. There is also a focus on nurturing and taking care of those around you – people, animals, and plants. You will feel very creative. So use your creativity in problem-solving. And also use your creativity in beautifying things in your surrounding. You might want to plant gardens, and call people over for get-togethers, or maybe even for helping them out with guidance. While doing all this, don’t forget yourself. Take care of you too! You will feel quite intuitive, and will easily be able to sense the truth in any situation.

At the same time, make sure you stay away from conflicts. There is a time to battle, and there is a time to step away. You might find yourself in situations that might provoke you to get irritable. Resist that. Walk away. Taking part in any conflict will only make it worse at this time. You will need to act with patience with others.

On the other hand, if you use the creative energy being given to us this week, you can find peaceful resolutions to problems and conflicts. You can piece a puzzle together this week…a puzzle that has been probably confounding you for some time. You will need to be the “Queen of Ariel” of the 1st card of the 1st row this week – nurturing, kind, peaceful, patient, practical, and wise. No conflict can stand in the face of this queen. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. You simply need to embody the qualities of this queen. That will be the key to solving many problems.

For some of you, it is not so much a conflict with others…it might be an internal conflict you are facing. Be kind to you yourself, and to the person who is the cause for this turmoil in your heart and mind. Think – What would Divine Love do in this case? Listen to the other people’s viewpoints carefully and compassionately.

And often, when we are not feeling peaceful inside, we manifest petty quarrels and conflicts in our world. So you can withdraw for sometime (even an hour would help), and do whatever you can to bring your soul to peace. The problems might resolve themselves.

If there is healthy competition, it will be a very fulfilling experience. But let it not escalate to one-upmanship. That will only cause grief to all concerned.

However, most likely this will not be a big conflict…it might be petty. As far as possible, stay away from it. If you cannot, then make sure it does not escalate to something bigger.

Aside from the minor irritations mentioned above, you still have the energy of passionate new beginnings that started last week. This can be in relationships or practical matters. You could have a new fun, energetic friend come into your life. Or it could be the start of a passionate new romantic relationship. It could also be a message from a friend or a lover. This person could be either younger than you physically, or youthful in appearance an energy.

On the more practical side of life, you might receive a new job offer that will be very exciting. Or you could be starting an exciting new project or hobby.

You might not feel like you are ready to take on this new beginning in relationship or career or the project, but rest assured, you are more than ready and capable! This is something you have been waiting for, and hoping for. And now it is beginning. Exciting times!!


  1. Be kind, compassionate, nurturing, and practical. Be kind to yourself too.
  2. Be patient with others. With yourself too.
  3. Take time to meditate daily to bring yourself to feel peaceful.
  4. Stay away from conflicts as far as possible.
  5. Listen to the viewpoints and feelings of others compassionately.
  6. Take on new relationships and/or projects with passion, courage & excitement.
  7. Indulge in creative activities. For some of you, it feels like you have been wanting to paint for some time. Create time to paint this week.
  8. Work out problems with the new creative drive that is given to you this week.
  9. Follow your intuition. If you calm your mind enough, you will be amazed at the ease with which you will receive messages & guidance from your angels.
  10. If you have been wanting to get some training/education, this is a good time to start that. You will benefit greatly.
  11. If you have been trying to learn something new, practice, practice, practice. It will help you a lot!
  12. Put efforts into finding new jobs/careers at this time if you have been feeling a great urge to change what you are doing.
  13. Make long-term goals. Most likely they will be successful.
  14. Work hard! It will pay well!
  15. Beautify your surroundings, redecorate your home or workspace. Create a sacred space.
  16. A time of dreams coming true for some of you – so enjoy that!
  17. Stay away from over-indulgence.
  18. For some of you, there might be a problem with some kind of addiction. Take care of yourself, and work on healing that.
  19. Find time for peaceful solitude.
  20. Balance your life. If you are a workaholic, take time to focus on yourself, your spiritual life, your loved ones. If you have been neglecting work, then pay attention to that. But whatever you do, try to bring balance in your life. You might have too much going on.
  21. You might be close to your Twinflame or primary soulmate. If you have been having a conflict or cold war with someone who could be your Eternal Divine Partner, please make efforts to bring healing to this situation. Very few people have their Twinflame incarnated at the same time. You might not actually be in a committed relationship with this person. Bring healing to this situation.
  22. If you try, you can bring about reconciliation with someone you haven’t been talking with.
  23. Forgive.

Phew! That is a long list of advice from the angels this week. MUCH is happening in our lives, so we need to take an active role in helping the process. 🙂

Have a happy week!!

Much love to you,



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