Hello!! 🙂 How has last week treated you? Boy! When the Angels talked about manifesting energy, they were not joking. It felt like I thought of some things and boom – it happned! Many others told me similar things regarding relationships, job, business, health. When they placed focused attention on something, with a positive, fun energy, things happened magically. I hope with all my heart that YOU had some beautiful experiences too. The key was in keeping our vibrations high. Did you work on keeping your vibrations high? If not, it is never too late, do it now. 🙂

In fact, something HUGE happened for me today regarding one of my biggest dreams regarding my work. The opportunity just came and stood in my face. I was VERY excited. And then I got VERY scared at the magnitude of it. I asked God & the Angels to show me a sign of what they thought. And tonight (I’m writing all this on the 2nd of September night) my childhood friend sent me something out of the blue (she didn’t know what was happening regarding this opportunity). It said:

“If you find it exciting and scary all at once, you know you are on the right track.”

And I knew that was God’s reply to my question. My soul is at peace now. I know I am being Divinely led.

With that story, let us see what the general planetary energy is available for us this week.

Here are 3 cards for what the general energy is like. To see the cards clearly, click on them:

A big phase of life has ended for many of us. It could also be an end to a situation, job, a relationship that had run its course. Not everything is meant to stay with us for our entire lives. And just because something ended does not mean it was bad. Nothing is ever inherently bad. What feels like a bad situation often has hidden blessings, and often teaches us a new lesson – something that helps us grow stronger and wiser. And sometimes the ending is of a work, a phase, a project really beautifully done. Basically, something has been completed. Ended. And now it is time to catch your breath, and then start something amazing!

In that sense, the manifesting energy from last week is still continuing. Endings always lead to beginnings. And it is in our hands to manifest beautiful beginnings now.

As I look at this first card, I also get a sense that most of us reading this post are lightworkers, and have life missions that need to be stepped up at this time. Archangel Michael is the one who guides us with our life missions, especially so for lightworkers.

Have you been feeling this urge, this call from within to follow a different path? You don’t need to leave everything and jump into something new, but DO heed the calling from within, and start walking this new path. Your soul is calling you for action. What you have been born for is calling you now. Heed this call.

I also hear this: “The world is your oyster”. So my dear lightworker, you have all the power in your hands right now. Take charge. Take action. What is your soul urging you to do? What is it that will make your life feel more fulfilled? It is time you walked the path of your soul…this world is yours.

And if you are scared, call upon Archangel Michael to guide and protect you as you step into your new calling.

There are chances of travel. Could even be international travel coming up. And some of you might be receiving awards or recognition.

Moving on to the second card – 6 of Michael. Moving away from troubled waters. The past few weeks have been so taxing. Stressful. Confusing. With so many planets in the retrograde, we really felt we were being constantly tested. But now we are moving away from it all. Like the earlier card, this card too confirms that all that has ended. And we can feel relieved, we can breathe now. And we can make happy new plans.

Work on new projects. Make plans for new experiences, new jobs, new projects. It is time for something new, and something much more soothing and joyful to our hearts. Remember, this is the energy available to us. But it is up to us to step up and take action on it.

As I keep repeating — we MUST keep our thoughts, feelings, emotions on a high vibration to make the best use of these beautiful supportive energies.

Archangel Michael is making his presence known to us very strongly at this time. Often something new can be scary. Even if it is for our good, and we know it, we might still get worried. “Don’t worry” is what he is saying because he is walking with us. He is with you. Guiding us and protecting us at each step. Have faith, and worry less.

And there really is no need to worry because we are headed to happier times. The situation that was stressing you out so much is now behind you, or will soon be behind you. It is a new day. The sun has risen and is shining upon you. Let go of the past, and walk forward fearlessly! This card too talks of travel. Or you relocating might be on the horizon.

Moving on to the third card, this card means you could have a LOT on your plate. Way too many different kinds of things to do. And even if it is all good, juggling too many things can get stressful if you do not manage it well.

Make sure you keep a healthy balance between work life and personal life. Do not become a workaholic. And if you are already one, then take steps to balance your life. Pay attention to yourself, your loved ones, your home, to having fun and relaxation too. And take steps to make work fun. You will have plenty to do, so might as well make it fun.

I also see that this is a great time to balance your own energy. Work on balancing your chakras. Balance the masculine and feminine energy within you. Balance your left brain with the right. Balance the logic with the creative.

For some it means, you are on verge of coming together with your twin flame.

And for some, you are deciding between two paths, two jobs, or two people/relationships. Do not keep juggling. Make the decision.

Here are 3 cards for guidance on what we can to do be happiest this week. To see the cards, click on them:

  1. The BIG guidance for this week is: Let go of the past. I know many of us have events in our past that are disturbing. Especially in the last couple of months or so. But it is time we stopped fretting over all that and holding on to it all. If we are holding grudges, feeling hurt, then it is time to forgive and move on. That will bring us peace. Some of the best ways to let go of emotions & memories disturbing us are: Writing a letter to the concerned person and pouring our hearts out, and then burning the letter; Doing EFT tapping, Mindfulness meditation, & Hoʻoponopono. Do whatever calls out to you, but DO make sure you let go of whatever from the past is bothering you. All 3 cards say the same thing — let go of the past and move forward. If it is an unfulfilling job you need to let go of, then start looking for one that you will love. Meanwhile be grateful for the one you have. If you need to relocate, do it. Leave all that behind that are no longer good for you. If you are feeling sad about letting go of something or someone, ask Archangel Azrael to help you.
  2. Focus on self-care, on self-love. Take time to meditate, to go within, and feel at peace. Seek answers and guidance from your Inner Voice, your angels.
  3. You will have a lot of things to do this week. So prioritize, and make a to-do list. See if you really really really need to do ALL of it or is there something you can let go of?
  4. Make a decision now. Staying stuck is not going to help. One of my favorite ways to decide is to close my eyes and imagine each scenario as happening right now, and I see which one makes me feel good inside. I choose the option that makes me feel relieved/happy/expansive. You can pray for Divine guidance. Or you can do an angel reading for yourself (yes, I’m creating the angel reading course).
  5. If you are juggling two relationships, have the courage to see which one is good for all concerned. Which path leads you to true joy. What does your soul call you to do?
  6. Balance your energy.
  7. Be playful! Make time for fun. Make your work fun.
  8. If the changes are scaring you, TRUST that the Universe only wants you to be happy. If you feel uncertain, ask Archangel Jeremiel to help you understand where you are headed, and to help you make changes in your life that are good for you.

In any angel reading, the most important part is following the angelic guidance. It is not about fortune telling or future prediction. We are creators. We take the help of our angels to be divinely guided in creating the best life for us. So make sure to follow the guidance.

As always, this is a general reading, and might not resonate with all of you. To get personalized readings, it is always BEST to seek your answers yourself from your angels.

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Have a FABULOUS week,

All my love,

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