What are Angel Readings

I am asked this question many times :). An Angel Reading is a consultation with your Higher Guidance Team, which is made up of your Angels, your Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self. Yes, we all have them :). We are never alone…we have this super loving team from “home” helping us. Invisible to our eyes often, but very much there. And often a departed loved one might show up too! It is a conversation with them about any issue that is troubling you, or something you need guidance on, or, simply a connection with them because they love you! I connect with them through the pictures they show in my mind, through feelings I feel, and words I hear. I might or might not use the angel cards.

Let me also clarify what an angel reading is not. It is not fortune telling. I don’t predict the future, although, the future might come up in a reading. Let me explain. We have many lines of future, many alternate paths, and every moment, we have the choice to change our path by changing our decisions/thinking/beliefs. Its really mind boggling when you think of the numerous alternate realities out there! But that is another topic :). So if an angel reader talks to you about where you are heading, and you like it, it means your beliefs, actions etc are congruent with your path to joy. If you do not like where you are heading, you can change that by changing your thoughts/actions/beliefs/decisions. That said, I do believe some events in our life are pre-destined by us before we incarnate. Those might or might not be revealed to you by your team.

I often call Angel Readings “Love Letters From Home” because they make me feel so good, so joyful! :D.

I sometimes do free mini readings here on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PurpleFlowerSwati. Like and watch my page if you wish to get a feel for what a sample angel reading might be like.

If you wish to go ahead and get an angel reading, please go to: https://www.thepurpleflower.com/reading.htm. I do them on email, chat, and phone. If you have any questions about this, please ask :).

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