falling in love

Falling in love completely and intensely is an all encompassing feeling, isn’t it? I mean when you fall in love with complete devotion. The kind of love that will make you fall at the feet of Love. The kind of love when each cell of your body screams out in joy. The kind of love where your soul feels deeply fulfilled.

I’m not talking of the love when you feel needy of someone, or need someone to do something for you, be something for you. I’m talking of the Love when you feel blessed to just be in Love.

I have been experiencing that kind of love for the Divine. It takes over my life. And everything seems blessed and magical.

Yesterday I went to Abraham-Hick’s event with one of my closest friends – Sue Fitzmaurice of the famous Facebook page “Sue Fitzmaurice, Author”. She bought me the ticket for the event as a gift. And it turned out to be one of the best gifts I have ever had.

Abraham said something that made complete sense. It is nothing new. I know of it. You know of it. But sometimes, someone says something at the right time, in the right way, and that makes all the difference.

falling in love

Someone asked Abraham how he could be successful at something new he was doing. Abraham said to fall in love with everything around him, every place, every situation, every beach, every house, every person…fall in love. And this made a truckload of sense suddenly like a whole new meaningful world opened up. Like I said…everyone knows this, but it suddenly made sense in a new and complete way.

When we were driving back, and we entered the area where we live, I noticed how beautiful the place was! I mean, I always knew it was beautiful, but yesterday I fell in love with the place. It was exactly the kind of place I wanted to live in. Green hills all around…gorgeous, peaceful landscape. I fell in love with my beautiful house. I fell in love with the garden. With each plant. I fell in love with ALL in my life. I realized more completely how perfect each person, and each thing was. And I am in love with the Divine…I don’t need the Divine to do anything for me so I could love Him. I am not assigning gender to the Divine, just using “Him” as a language convenience as I don’t want to say “It”.

And suddenly everything fell in place. I realized I was already living my dream life. I was already successful. I was already fulfilled.

Why does falling in love work? Why did Abraham ask that young man to fall in love with everything? When you fall in love with everything, you suddenly have nothing to complain about. You suddenly realize how blessed you are. You start to see your life as enchanted. This raises your vibration. Law of Attraction says that you attract people, situations, experiences in your life that have the same vibration as yours. Can you imagine now what kind of a life you will create when you are living in this vibration? Can you see how this will help that young man be successful?

I will not tell you to fall in love.

I realized it is not a feeling that you can bring on just because I told you so. But I do hope that my words helped you feel it the way Abraham’s words suddenly made everything make sense to me. And if my words did not do that, I hope soon, someone says something that will have the same effect on you.

I do love Abraham’s work. And going to the live event created magic for me. There are many more insights I got during the 3 hour event. It is all still sinking in.

And I am enjoying the feeling of being so completely in love.

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