How to Meet Your Soulmate – Part 1

friendship-63743_1280_cropped.png“When will I meet my soul mate?”

“How do I meet my soul mate?”

I am asked these questions very frequently. A soul mate by definition is a soul who can be any relation to you – friend, romantic partner, child, another family member, teacher, student, employer, employee, colleague, etc. We each have many soulmates, fulfilling many different roles and purposes. We each also has a soul closest to us called the “primary soulmate” or “twinflame”.

For this series, decide who do you want to call to yourself? A romantic partner? Inviting a soul to be your child? Looking for a friend you can trust? The right employer? Anyone else?

This is the first of a series of blog posts on this topic. So stay tuned. I will be writing down the process as the Divine guides me.

The first step is:

Be one with your Higher Self. 

Your Higher Self is your true self, and is beyond the earthly personality you are playing at this time. Your earthly personality is transient. Your Higher Self is eternal. Truly, you are your Higher Self. We all are our Higher Selves, but we forget when we don the physical body.

Why would you need to be your Higher Self in order to be with your romantic partner, or another relation? You can have the relationship you are seeking, now. But it might not be the highest or best relationship you can ask for. When you become one with your Higher Self, your vibration rises, your thoughts improve, your self-esteem improves, you are happier, you feel complete. And therefore you attract that person to you who matches you – one who is happy, complete, healed, with refined thoughts and vibration. Wouldn’t you want to be with such a person? To be with such a person, you first need to be that person.

You will most likely see a lot of improvement in many aspects of your life as a result of this series.

Every week I will come up with the next step in the series. You will be given theory, and tools like recorded meditations, instructions, affirmations, EFT tools to clear blocks, etc. Practice that week’s exercise with all your heart and soul. Each week builds up upon the previous weeks. So immerse yourself in it and stay open to receiving the blessings of a beautiful relationship.

Next week we begin with step 1: “Be ONE with your Higher Self”.

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I’ll be grateful for your thoughts on sadness

sadnessI would like your thoughts on something I am trying to understand better. Please read this blog post, and email me back your thoughts IF you feel comfortable sharing with me. I will truly be grateful to you. Your response will be kept confidential. And if you feel comfortable sharing here, then please do so in the comments section.

When I went through immense sadness for years, I knew deeply how I felt, why I felt, what I felt. Anti-depressants did not work for me, and I suffered for years, till I took matters in my own hands, and took steps that helped me out of that deep pit. I can truly say I am happy now. Those are the tips I published in my blog sometime back.

However, I know everyone goes through this differently. The symptoms, emotions, behavior patterns, the reasons (or lack of them)…they can all be very different for different people. And I wish to understand this very deep sadness that many people feel. I want to see this from your point of view, so I am able help others better.

I have come to realize that our successes, relationships, how life itself turns out depends a lot on — whether we are happy or not. So I want to help more people achieve this.

Please tell me:

1. Have you ever dealt with deep sadness for very long periods of time? Or are you still dealing with it?

2If you did, can you tell me what your thoughts were?

3. What did you do? I used to sleep a lot, stay on the couch as much as possible, didn’t feel like doing anything, and ate a lot.

4. Did you feel supported by the ones in your life?

5What did you do to try to feel better? Did it work?

6. Tell me anything else you would like to share, or feel comfortable sharing. Anything that you feel will make me understand your situation better.

Write to me about you at info @ thepurpleflower. com (remove spaces), IF you feel OK about sharing with me…help me understand what you went through or are still going through. I have been there. I will not judge you. And anything you write to me will be confidential. And as I said before, if you feel comfortable sharing here, please write to me in the comments section.

I will truly be very grateful to you if you could help me understand this important topic better than I do now, by sharing with me your thoughts on sadness.

Much love,

PS: Here’s something about my free eBook on “How to See Auras”


Kundalini Reiki: An easy, powerful, effective healing system

chakra woman small

Above art by the talented Lois Kobb:

Here’s a video for you, highlighting the special points about Kundalini Reiki.

If you have looked at my “about me” page, you will know that I have trained in many healing systems. And I do love them all. I use them all. However, I use Kundalini Reiki the most because:

1. Each session is just 3-5 minutes long.

2. It is powerful…I feel like my hands are dipped in flames when I do this.

3. It helps in a safe Kundalini rising.

4. Improves psychic senses a lot.

5. Really easy to do.

6. Many other really useful things you can do with its specific healing techniques – like attuning any object to be a Reiki channel, heal karmic bonds, clear energy, a specific technique to heal DNA and much more. Yes, these things can be done with other healing systems that I know too. But I find it much easier and faster to do it with Kundalini Reiki.

Here is what some of people who use Kundalini Reiki are saying:



LisaKRtestimonial Here is what you get with this course:

1. Three attunements for the 3 levels (extra booster attunements are now included in the 3 regular attunements)

2. Three manuals for the 3 levels.

3. Two workbooks to keep the course structured and easy to practice – one for level 1, and the other for level 3 (these are created by me)

4. A private Facebook group if you would like to interact with others, and ask questions, share your experiences.

5. I will keep updating and upgrading this course as I love this system, and as I do that, I will inform everyone through the Facebook group. For example, I want to do instructions videos too at some point of time, create a guided meditation, affirmations recording to help you become more and more powerful healers etc. I really love using this system, and will keep upgrading it.

To sign up for this course: 


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Re-program your mind to Happiness

 (long post, but read through…these are some of the things I did to help myself and got to where I am now)


(Happiness Affirmations video, audio, and subliminal recording information below)

Re-program your mind to Happiness

Read through and follow the program for 40 days to reprogram yourself to happiness.


Why do we want anything? Why do we want to do anything? To me, it all boils down to — We simply want to feel happy.

We try to be successful, achieve a lot of things…all very nice. And yet, we often find ourselves stymied in achieving success. The law of attraction says that we will attract to ourselves events, people, and things that match our vibration. I do believe in this. Not because the books say so. Not because all gurus say so. But because that is what I have experienced. Ever noticed that when you start your day off well, you end up having a really pleasant day? And when you start off on a wrong note, the rest of the day goes down the gutter very quickly. Or even in the middle of the day…you find yourself upset, and the rest of the events that follow reflect your moods.

So, why not begin our days happily? Why not decide to be happy, no matter what? Do little things that make you happy…and maintain your happiness. You will see that when you make a commitment to being happy no matter what, soon you will see your external world reflecting what you feel inside. In other words, when you are happy, you will be happier.

Here are some tips on being happy:

1. DECIDE that you are happy. I know, I know, you might not feel that even makes sense…and sounds like a cliche. Yet, believe it or not, it works! Keep telling yourself, “I AM happy!”. And your brain will soon obey. I start repeating this to myself with emotion anytime I start to feel low, and my moods shift. You don’t need to say it out aloud. Repeating in your mind is good enough.

2. Smile especially when you don’t feel like it. Grin BIG. Your brain will not know the difference. Try it for yourself. If you are feeling a tad glum, try grinning huge for a few minutes. Pretend that you feel like smiling. That act itself sends signals to your brain that you are feeling good. If nothing else, you’ll feel silly and end up laughing ;-).

3. I begin my day with beautiful music and affirmations as I work. To make this easier, I have created a Happiness Affirmations Video for you (and for me) which is at the end of this post. I have it on my youtube channel too ( If you like it, play it like me every morning as you begin your day. Just hearing those affirmations repeating everyday will reprogram your mind towards a happier disposition. I am going to give this to you in 3 formats:

I) Video (FREE) at the end of this article

II) Just audio which you can download (FREE) at the end of this article 

III) Subliminal audio where I have lowered the sound of my voice to barely audible,                so if you wish to, you can download that too and listen to it at night on low volume                and your subconscious will hear the affirmations as you drift off to sleep . The good thing about subliminal affirmations is, that your conscious mind is not rationalizing, or fighting the affirmations off. So it can be VERY effective. When your subconscious mind hears, “I am happy” in a subliminal recording as you drift off to sleep, or are busy doing something else, your ego or conscious mind do not chime in, “What rubbish…I am NOT happy”. This by-passes the criticism of the ego, and programs the subconscious mind, which is your powerhouse. I have exactly the same affirmations in the subliminal recording as in the regular recording. For now I am offering it at a special of $0.97. I am offering it for practically free because I want you to see the power of this process.

4. Move your body. I know, most of us hate to exercise. So find yourself something you like doing. I like going out for walks when the weather is just right because its really pretty where I live. I like to use my stationary bike that my beautiful cousin Ruchi has lent to me while I watch TV. Yep! I love to watch TV. But I watch only those things that make me happy :-D. I like to do basic Yoga. And no, I don’t do all these things the same day. I do whatever I feel like doing. I used to LOVE rollerblading years back. However, I seem to have forgotten how to. My cousin Ruchi had helped me learn how to roller blade then. I will learn again. I really enjoyed that. If you are sure you don’t like moving your body, then start with something…just a 5 minute walk everyday. Try various things. You will surely find something you will like.

5. Create an online journal for posting pictures of things that made you happy, things that you found beautiful each day. I’m only saying online because its easier to put your pictures there than take prints. However, if you prefer prints and hand written journals, do that. Whatever you like doing! If you love photography and want to use your camera each day, AWESOME! If not, just your regular camera phone will do. And if you feel up to it, write a bit about each picture. You know what this does? It makes you look for little things that make you happy, little things you find beautiful. I am currently part of an on-going challenge called “100 Happy Days”. So I am posting my happy pictures on Facebook because I love interacting there. The key here is, don’t wait for huge big things to be happy. Its actually the little things in life that are so beautifully scattered all through our lives like wildflowers that make it all gorgeous. Most of us do not notice the wildflowers. But if you stop and actually see them, they are so gorgeous!! The precious yellow happy Dandelions scattered on a green lawns, the blue, purple tiny flowers all over the green hills and fields. The yellow Mustards growing wild. Nature has her own way to design landscapes, and she does it better than us. That is why we go out and seek nature even if we have our carefully manicured gardens. Similarly, if you do not ignore the tiny happy things in your daily life, you will find you are having a difficult time choosing which happy pictures to put in your journal! Start noticing them. The more you notice them, the more you will find them. Big things are rare…look for those beautiful little moments in your daily life.

6. A life lived with purpose is something that brings us a feeling of joy. Set small goals for yourself. And set out to accomplish them! For me, I like doing things that make my life and other’s lives happier. There’s nothing like helping someone be happy. So I know that is a huge part of my life purpose. It FILLS me with joy. Doing these blog posts with information that can help people, doing angel readings, guiding people with their life purposes, EFT, Life Coaching, Healing…teaching people…I love doing all this. Making this affirmation video/audio was so much FUN! Find something you really love doing. Write below in comments things that you love doing. Make sure you spend at least 15-30 minutes every day doing something you love doing. Write down your goals — big and small. Make sure your goals are things that fill you with joy. Keep the list visible to you. Break it down into smaller steps and do it :-D.

7. Find something creative to do. We are creators in our own right. When we block our creativity, joy finds it difficult to flow through our lives. So for Heavens’ sake find something fun and creative to do! LOL! How about rock painting? :-D Pottery? Sculpting? Sketching? Writing? Jewelry making? There is so much out there. I wish I could do it all! Tell me in your comments below what creative activity you would like to do, or already do. I’d love to hear from you.

8. Hang out with people who are fun! If you don’t have such people in your life, then make new friends. I have some amazing friends online — yep Facebook saves the day! However, if you like Facebook too, make sure you don’t overdo it. Way too much online time also causes unhappiness – you need to move, you need to get out of the house, even if for a few minutes. And live interaction is lovely! I am sure there is someone in your life who lifts up your soul! When you are feeling grumpy, you might insist there is no such person. However…imagine if suddenly everyone you knew evaporated or migrated to Pluto, who would you miss the most? I’m sure you can make a list. :-)

9. Meditate. No, you don’t need to cross your legs, eyes and levitate. There are many simple ways to meditate. You don’t need to empty your mind either. You can find guided meditations online, so your mind will have something to do. In fact I will be creating more guided meditations (see one of my meditations in this blog post: Even simply breathing and watching your breath….counting 1 breath in, 1 breath out, breath 2 innnnn….breath 2 out….and so on will do the trick. I’ll do another blog post on simple ways to meditate.

And now, the 3 tools I talked about:

I) Happiness Affirmations with lovely music :-). I have below, a video, an audio file for you to listen to here or download, and a subliminal audio to download if you wish to.

Remember to use these for at least 40 days straight, as 40 days usually help in reprogramming your mind towards happiness. Also, what works best for me is to close my eyes and do this in the morning first thing, like a meditation, repeating the affirmations and feeling them while doing them.


II) Here is my audio file if you wish to download it:


Right click on DOWNLOAD and choose “save as” to download this file. My suggestion is to use this first thing in the morning as a meditation. Close your eyes and repeat the affirmations with the recording, and immerse yourself in the feelings. You can also listen to it as you do other things to get ready or settle down to work. Let it play in the background, and if you can, listen to the words and say it along with the recording in your mind. This starts your day off on a good note. You can listen to it also when you want to feel better. When you do this to specifically feel better, make sure to repeat the affirmations with the recording in your mind.

III) Buy the subliminal version of the happiness affirmations for $0.97.

Subliminal recordings are very powerful because:
* Subliminal affirmations bypass the resistance and criticism of the ego and the conscious mind.
* Subliminal Recordings are heard by the subconscious mind which is the real powerhouse.

At some places you will hear my voice because the music volume is low. This is best used with earphones on low volume, when you are busy with something else, or going to sleep at night. It is for $0.97 only because this is a special I want to offer to help you experience the power of subliminal affirmations.

There are so many ways to be happy. And EFT Tapping is one of my hottest ways to erase and heal a negative emotion quickly. If you wish to schedule an EFT session with me, please email me through the Contact page.

And as always, if you have any questions, or you want to relate your experiences with my video/audio/subliminal, please write to me in the comments below. I always look forward to hearing from you!

If you liked this article and the tools of affirmation within, please share them with others using the share buttons in this article for various social media.

Until next time,

Be Happy!

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100 Happy Days Challenge: Day 1

Have you heard of the 100 happy days Challenge? Here is the website:

The idea is lovely!

1. You need to accept the challenge to be happy for 100 days non-stop :D.

2. Everyday you need to find something that makes you happy, and take a picture of it, and share it as per how the website tells you (its easy). I chose Facebook, and using the hashtag #100happydays. And I chose to add it to my blog and to Pinterest. I find it very exciting to do this.

Will you join me?

So today, when I woke up and was coming downstairs, how my Living Room looked made me VERY happy! I had cleaned it just the day before…and it looked lovely, peaceful, serene…just the way I want my home to look. I took a picture but the light was not good enough…

We all always try to run to beautiful, happy, serene places for vacations. Everyone has a different idea of a vacation. Mine is a place which is full of serenity, and makes me feel rested and quiet. However, after the vacation we get back home, and miss the time we spent in that place. So I thought, why not change my home to look like the serene place I would like to escape to. And when I saw my living room, I realized that I had converted one room in my home to what my vision was. And I felt really happy to see my living room.

Here is the picture from day 1 of 100 Days of Happiness. Please share with me what made you happy today. And if you can share a picture, I’d LOVE to see. Leave your happy-picture url or experience in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.


To get:
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2. Tips & courses on healing, intuition development
3. Free meditation and affirmation recordings
4. Inspiration
5. Specials on my Angel Readings, Intuitive Life Coaching
6. Other tools for happines & peace, which are critical for achieving success, and more peace & happiness in life.

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