She is living her dream. You can too.

Here is an interview of Sue Fitzmaurice from the Facebook page Sue Fitzmaurice, Author. She talks about how she made the life of her dreams happen within 1.5 or so years of fully defining what her dream life is. Watch the video, and read below to see what her dream was, and how she did it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.34.47 PM

I tell everyone who is working towards living their dream about my friend Sue Fitzmaurice of the Facebook page Sue Fitzmaurice, Author. Most people on Facebook are familiar with her amazingly successful inspirational page on facebook. Sue has created an online course on “Living a Life of Purpose”, and written a book on “Purpose“. I started talking to her about a year and a half back or so. Sometime during our many chats she told me about her dream:

“To have a stress free online business, doing what I love — connecting people, inspiring people, helping people find their purpose in life — and be so successful at it, that I can quit my job, and travel the world, while earning”.

Here is what she did:

1. She continued her job till she was earning much more than her salary. She was always grateful for her job. I never heard her complain about it. She just wanted to do something different which she loved more, and gave her more freedom with time.

2. She figured out what her purpose in life was — which is helping others find their purpose in life. And she is AMAZING at helping people figure out their purpose in life. Check out her VERY affordable online course: LIVING A LIFE OF PURPOSE at only $47.

3. She created her online course: Living a Life of Purpose.

4. She worked diligently at her Facebook page Sue Fitzmaurice, Author, and worked at increasing its followers and engagement.

5. She posted about her course on her Facebook page.

6. She says she is not patient, but I saw her through her journey. She was SUPER patient. She kept posting about her course. At first not much happened. But in about a year or a bit more, it took off wildly! She plugged away patiently all the time, even when it looked like it wasn’t working.

7. She achieved her goal of earning much more than what she was earning at her job. And then she quit her job.

8. She has booked her tickets for traveling around the world from the 4th February 2016. And while she travels, she will earn through her business, doing what she loves doing — working at her Facebook page.

Now hows THAT for a dream come true? :D

You can do it too. The first part always is to get clarity on what your purpose is, what it is that brings you joy. And most people feel confused about that. I highly recommend doing Sue’s course:


It is really super affordable at $47, and many people have benefited from it. If you need clarity on your purpose, please do go to the above link.

And reading her book:


Tell me in your comments what your dream life will look like. I’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

How To Lower Your Stress In Minutes

This article has a video below for you to follow and do EFT tapping with, so you can learn to lower your stress in minutes.

There is no doubt that stress is dangerous. It makes you ill, sad, robs you of joys in your life, and stops you from thinking clearly, and your problem solving abilities are affected greatly. This affects your decision making, career success, and even relationships.

My stress levels used to be so high that I felt like a pressure cooker about to explode. It’s no wonder I had many illnesses. Once I brought down my stress levels, and made it important for me to be at peace, my medical test results came back magically wonderful. Most of my illnesses were gone. It was then that I decided that helping people lower their stress will be an important part of my work.

When you are stressed, you activate the fight or flight response in that part of your brain that is called – the Amygdala. And this is a very primitive response, which immediately makes your body think it is in mortal danger (whereas most of the times our stress has nothing to do with any danger to our lives). And when your body and mind are in this mode, your thinking capacity goes down, the focus goes into your muscles, to save your life because your body thinks you might need to fight for your life or flee from danger. Imagine this — if you are being chased by a man-eating lion in a jungle, are you very capable of making business plans, or thinking of how to help your child get better grades, or of creating new ways to earn more? No. Your focus is simply on saving your life.

You might think – no I am not thinking of saving my life when I am stressed. Yes, consciously you are not thinking of saving your life. But that primitive part of your brain takes over in times of stress, and puts your body and brain in the fight or flight mode. You don’t have to consciously think about saving your life. This is an automatic response.

Now think of another scenario — you are feeling calm, relaxed, happy. Do you feel you will be much more capable of creative problem solving then? More productive? Yes? :)


Stress is caused by many different reasons. This video below is about “General/Overall Stress Reduction”. You can either think about the particular reason you are stressed about while tapping with this video, or you can just do a general one like I am doing. Both will work. If you focus on the particular issue that is causing you stress, you will feel relief faster.

In either case, this works really fast, and is very effective. Within a few minutes you will feel a LOT of relief. Done daily for about 30 minutes, you will automatically bring your stress levels down in general.


If you are familiar with EFT Tapping, go ahead with my GENERAL/OVERALL STRESS REDUCTION video below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.49.00 PM


If you have any questions, please don’t forget to leave me comments below. You can leave me comments even to share your thoughts, results, or just to say hi. :)

To try out a 30 minute sample stress reduction/happiness coaching session with me, go to:

My radio show about “12 Steps to Happiness”

Margaux Joy DeNador invited me to her radio show where we talked about my ebook “12 Steps to Happiness”. We talked about some of the steps from my book, and how those steps help one create a happier life. Most of us are programmed for stress, and that is a fact. But we can do a lot to change that programming to one of a peaceful, happier mindset. Please read my ebook to help yourself change your pattern from stress, sadness, anger etc to happiness and peace, because when you are feeling happy and at peace, everything else in your life starts to work better too. It is as if life rearranges itself according to your own inner feelings.

To get my ebook, go to

Click below to listen to the radio show:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.38.40 PM–margaux-joy-denador-and-guest-swati-nigam-090215


EFT Tapping: What To Do When You Feel Unmotivated

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.32.36 PM

You have heard many tell you — stay motivated! That’s the path to success. Yeah! But HOW to remain motivated? We all get off the path so many times, and even when we are excited about the work we need to do (or not), we STILL get unmotivated! And then, the couch and TV become our best buddies. Or the bed. Or something else. We’ve all been there, and will be there again. It’s part of being human.

Don’t beat yourself up when you get unmotivated. Treat it with a LOT of humor. Humor, laughter is one of the greatest healers and helpers, as you will see in this video. We say ridiculous things that make us laugh, and also make us realize that becoming BFF’s with the couch might not be as exciting as completing our work.

Last week I spoke about how consistent daily effort helps us achieve success. So to make sure we are working each day, on achievable goals (not too much, not too less in a day), tap along with us using the video above any time you feel unmotivated, and repeat till you are excited about the work. Just make sure you use your own words for your own feelings about the work you are procrastinating on.

In the above video I work with Kristine Marie Naef of the facebook page Wow Words Of Wisdom with Kristine Marie. She had been procrastinating on completing her book. See how she starts off feeling sick at the thought of working on completing her book, and ends the session feeling excited about working on it! After the session, she actually DID work on her book! Visit her Facebook page for beautiful inspiration. And post messages to her asking her about her book. It will help motivate her more. :D Ssshhhhhh!! Don’t tell her I sent you. ;)


Read this blog post and watch the video there to learn the basics of EFT Tapping, and how to do it:

See you next time!




EFT Tapping Basics

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.21.13 PM

The video above shows the basics of how to do EFT Tapping. Read this article after watching this video to get a better understanding of the process.

I work extensively with EFT Tapping in my coaching sessions. In fact the combination of Life Coaching with EFT is very powerful.

I would like to share some tapping videos from now on specific issues like stress, procrastination, pain, letting go, forgiveness, sadness, anxiety etc. If you tap along with them, you will feel a lot better, but please remember, without knowing your exact problem, I cannot help you eliminate something completely. I will need to uncover the underlying reasons of a problem. Stress, sadness, anxiety etc. are very general. Each of these has many underlying causes for each person.

That said, just repeating the rounds of tapping with me on the video for your specific problem will help ease your problem.


EFT Tapping is Emotional Freedom Technique. It works wonderfully, quickly, and efficiently with healing emotions, physical pains, performance, changing beliefs, working with affirmations etc.


These are some of the meridian points used in Acupuncture and Acupressure. We use the same points to tap with finger tips instead of using needles or pressure. When you focus on the problem, and tap on these points, your problems are alleviated.


1. Emotional pain

2. Physical Pain

4. Sadness

5. Anxiety

6. Low Self-Esteem

7. Performance

8. Letting go

9. Forgiveness

…and many other issues. Try it on everything! You might be amazed.


1. Determine what you want to work on. Eg: Stress, headache, limiting beliefs, past painful inciden, etc.

2. Determine on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you feel this? 1 being least, and 10 being maximum.

3. Say the uet-Up statement 3 times while tapping with your finger tips on the karate chop point — the side of any hand.

Eg: Even though, I feel very stressed, and my back is hurting, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

4. Tap on the tapping points using your finger tips while talking about what is bothering you.

5. After one round, go within and determine how much you feel it now on a scale of 1 to 10.

6. If it hasn’t gone down to 1 or 0, repeat the tapping round starting with the set-up statement, till you bring the problem down to 1 or 0.

7. Do the positive tapping round.


1. Eyebrow point: Beginning of the eyebrows.

2. Side of the eyes: Where the eye socket bone is.

3. Under the eyes: Where the eye socket bone is.

4. Under the nose.

5. In the chin crease.

6. Collar bone point (as shown in the video).

7. Under the arm – for women, where the bra strap is.

8. Inside the wrist.

9. Karate chop point (see the video).

10. Side of the nail of the thumb.

11. Side of the nail of the index finger.

12. Side of the nail of the middle finger.

13. Side of the nail of the little finger (yes, miss the ring finger)

14. Back of the hand between the ring finger and the little finger:

Eyes open

Eyes closed

Eyes open

Eyes hard right down

Eyes hard left down

Eyes clockwise in a big circle

Eyes anti-clockwise in a big circle

Hum a tune

Count 1 to 10

Hum a tune

15. Top of the head.


Either side is fine. I tap both together.


Either will do. I use both.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section of this blog post.

NOTE: This is not to treat any medical condition. If you have a medical condition please talk to your doctor.